Human scabies

THE human scabies or scabies It is a parasitic disease caused by a mite. Just like other infections and parasitic diseases, it can hit anyone. Most often, scabies occur in poorly cleaned, poor conditions, but are not only associated with poor hygiene. To get scabies, just have to contact a person with the problem. In addition, the disease-causing mite feeds on skin, not dirt.

When the mite finds a new victim, it mates on its skin and the female lays eggs that after ten days give rise to new parasites. If the person does not receive treatment, this cycle does not end and the disease continues.

Scabies Symptoms

THE itch It is the main characteristic of the disease and occurs because our skin develops an allergic reaction to the pet. This itching tends to get worse at night.

Others scabies symptoms they are reddish balls and peels on the skin. The lesions caused by scabies mainly affect the abdomen, flanks, lower abdomen, navel, armpits, elbows, wrists, spaces between the fingers and buttocks.

Scabies treatment

O scabies mite It survives for hours or days on also on clothes, sofas, chairs, towels, which makes the disease contagious and usually more than one family member is afflicted. This is why it is often advised that all people living in the same house treat scabies even if only one of them is itchy.

O scabies treatment It is made with insecticides that are not bad for human skin. They are called scabicides, found in the form of lotion or soap. The disease can also be controlled orally, with medications to relieve itching.

The product should be applied for three days on all skin except the scalp and face. After a week, you need to repeat the treatment to kill the mites that were still in the eggs in the first stage of treatment and so were not hit.

Clothes, sheets and bath towels must be changed every day the scabicide is applied. It is best to wash all parts with hot water and iron.

Is human scabies the same as a dog's?

No, the human scabies is different from dog scabies. There is a specific mite for each of the diseases. It may even happen that the dog's scab gets to the human skin, but the mite doesn't last long on the skin, dies and the problem goes away. Similarly, human scabies do not revenge on dogs.

Human Scabies Infestation: Diagnosis and Treatment - OnlineDermClinic (April 2021)

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