Looks tumblr: 70 looks and ideas for you to dress stylishly

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If you love a laid-back look and are always into fashion trends, you may have heard of tumblr looks. This style is inspired by the aesthetics of the Tumblr social network and has original inspirations throughout the network.

Are you curious to know more about this trend? Check out the tumblr style, 70 stylish looks to get inspired and videos that show us how to adopt this fashion now.

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What is the Tumblr style?

Tumblr is a social network that gained popularity in the early 2010s and on the site you can post and play various materials such as photos, videos and texts. The tumblr aesthetic comes precisely from the kind of content posted on the site, such as black and white photographs, pastel colors and nostalgic images that represent culture and the millennial generation.

Having the tumblr style means creating visuals following this aesthetics of the site, either reproducing looks that we see in the posts or selecting clothes and accessories that refer to the contents of the social network. Now that you know what tumblr fashion is all about, check out some inspiring looks to follow this trend.

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70 Tumblr looks inspirations for you to fall in love

You don't necessarily have to have a Tumblr to dress in this trend. We have selected 70 cool and stylish looks so you know how to compose tumblr looks. Check out:

1. To dress in Tumblr style, you don't need expensive clothes

2. With wildcard jeans and a t-shirt you can make stylish looks

3. In summer, just combine shorts and vintage t-shirt

4. And in winter, set up a comfortable production with overcoat

5. If you're a minimalist, you can compose a simple Tumblr look.

6. But there are also overproduced looks for those who like to dare

7. The little black dress with sneakers is a sure bet of this style

8. Looks mix comfort and fashionism

9. Sometimes a fun print is enough to take the production out of the obvious

10. Or you can tie a plaid shirt around your waist.

11. The denim jacket is another tumblr style piece

12. You can use it to make a total jeans look

13. Or with a charming dress

14. The play is the 90's face

15. And leaves any look stripped

16. Oversized Jackets Highlight Productions

17. If you prefer you can wear strapped on waist too

18. The cool thing is that the piece is the style of delicate

19. And it's still a cool piece for the alternatives

20. You can compose Tumblr looks with skirt

21. This one has a vintage footprint

22. And this is an inspiration for the little girls

23. You can wear with stripes and booties

24. The miniskirt is a practical piece that makes it possible to look different Tumblr

25. Of the most delicate?

26. To the most urban

27. And if you don't like basic looks, bet on the midi skirt!

28. To make you comfortable all day long, you can opt for the short skirt

29. While the denim skirt is accurate to compose various looks

30. Other models allow delicate combinations for you to wear in mid-season.

31. Another secret to following this style is to bet on practical pieces

32. When we think of Tumblr clothes, we soon imagine a look with mom jeans

33. Or else a cropped

34. Striped clothes also appear a lot in this trend

35. If you have no idea how to compose a Tumblr look, you can start with simple

36. Put the blouse inside the high waist skirt for example

37. Or invest in wider clothes

38. Can be a stripped nightgown

39. Or cool and original pants

40. If you add more vibe, you can compose a Tumblr look with dress

41. Without Leaving the Comfort of Tennis

42. The advantage of this style is that it is unlimited.

43. You can think of a modern look for everyday life.

44. Or a party whim

45. Also, there are summer Tumblr looks for anyone to get hot

46. ​​And you can coordinate winter visuals too

47. A Tumblr style classic is black and white.

48. Just like the gray scales

49. And the total black look

50. Pastel colors are not out of this modern look

51. Accessories complement the Tumblr look

52. Berets, for example, are superfashion!

53. And the caps can be combined into a sporty look

54. Or even in a more discreet production

55. You don't have to give up comfort to follow this trend.

56. Stylish tennis compositions are proof of this.

57Betting on the boots is a cool alternative

58. The Tumblr look with trousers yields straightforward everyday looks

59. And for hot days, nothing fresher than shorts + cropped

60. Tumblr Style Is All About Teen Culture

61. And some looks remind the young people of the 90's

62. And you can think of different looks following Tumblr's aesthetics

63. Skirt with sweatshirt

64. Even practical looks in denim overalls

65. You can pick up basic pieces you already have in your wardrobe

66. And adapt them into a stylish Tumblr look

67. If you are going to share your looks, think about the aesthetics of photography.

68. The colors and background you choose can help you highlight the production.

69. The important thing is to choose practical and comfortable pieces

70. And combine them in a modern way without giving up your preferences

The advantage of the tumblr style is that it is not limited, so you can use these references to assemble diverse looks, from sporty and everyday to delicate for special occasions. In addition, tumblr looks can be composed of basic pieces you already have, such as good jeans and a stripped T-shirt.

How to have Tumblr style

In addition to the inspirational photos, check out some videos with tips on how to dress in tumblr style. There are tutorials that show us how to coordinate a complete look and even customization tricks with parts you already have.

How to assemble 10 Tumblr style looks

In this video we see how to compose 10 tumblr-style looks using wildcards of this trend, such as jacket, jeans and white sneakers. The looks are varied for you to be inspired for summer and also for cold days.

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DIY: How to Customize Tumblr Clothing

You can customize pieces that are at the bottom of your wardrobe and use them in a stylish way. See in the tutorial how to unzip a jeans, how to turn a cropped blouse and other tricks to get you tumblr clothes without spending too much.

Tutorial: How to build a complete Tumblr look

In addition to clothing, accessories and makeup are also part of the tumblr look. In this video, you can follow tips on how to make a powerful make tumblr and the right pieces for you to follow this trend. Check out:

Copying Tumblr looks

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In this video we see some looks that are tumblr style, like jeans, destroyed pants and oversized jackets. Blogger Caroline from the channel Acromática copied some inspirations from the internet and shows us the stylish results.

How to assemble Tumblr looks

And if you want to know how to combine accurate tumblr-style pieces, here are some tips in this video. Some tricks such as tucking the shirt inside the pants or folding up the sleeves of the pieces can make all the difference in the look.

See how simple it is to be stylish? Just have a few wildcards and combine them without making it too obvious!

Now that you have plenty of inspiration, choose a tumblr look to copy and rock! And if you like authentic style, check out 55 swag style looks.

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