Makeup to look younger

There are several makeup tricks that a woman can use to her advantage to rejuvenate a few years. However, the most important tip that women should always follow is that skin health care is the main factor that influences their beauty and youthfulness.

Always using sunscreen, drinking lots of water, eating a balanced diet, and exercising help keep your skin beautiful, but makeup can also contribute to and strengthen the natural beauty of mature women.

Leaving the skin very beautiful, reducing the signs of age and betting on clean makeup, without exaggeration, is the first step to get a younger face.

Base and concealer

Women over 40 should use concealer with caution not to accentuate wrinkles and other signs of age.

Creamy bases cover your face well and if you have no dark circles and imperfections, you may not even need to use concealer. Remember that the ideal is to make the skin look as natural as possible.

Make sure your skin is well-groomed and hydrated before applying makeup so it won't crack.

Light skin

Using the dull illuminator on specific regions of the face gives your skin a younger and more attractive look, making you Rejuvenate Only With Proper Makeup. The illuminator should be worn on the nose and below the eyebrows, looking up and making your face more alive.

Blush just right

Pink, peach, cherry or orange blush makes your face look healthier and your skin fresher. It should be passed in the center of the cheekbones, without much catching the sides.

Mascara for more beautiful eyelashes

Over the years, the eyelashes become weaker and thinner, so it is important to highlight them with makeup. The eyelash mask lengthens and gives more volume to the eyelashes, giving you a more youthful appearance. Prefer non-waterproof eyelash masks to prevent eyelashes from breaking during removal.


Lighter shades of lipstick leave the more youthful face. Escape the nude and light-toned lipsticks so that you don't have an erased face. Prefer the pink tones, coral tones, orange and red.

Golden tip

The most important factor when it comes to makeup to look younger It is the control. Do not abuse the makeup to not give your face a masked and caricature, as this would make you a few years longer and not less. If you are past 40, avoid overdoing it and keep in mind that what counts is to make your face look healthy and natural and hide those wrinkles that bother you so much.

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