Outlined Kitten: Learn How To Perfectly Make This Timeless Stroke

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A classic in makeup, the outlined kitten is a sure bet for those who want to highlight the eyes. In addition, it can be made thin and discreet and even with a thicker stroke or combined with prominent shadows. All of this makes this a versatile option. So, how about learning some tips to hit the dash and still give some inspiration?

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How to make outlined kitten

  1. Begin by drawing a line from the outer corner of the eye toward the end of your eyebrow;
  2. Then make a dash from the top of the line to the center of your eyelid. This is where you define the thickness of the kitten outline;
  3. Now is the time to mark the desired thickness and stretch the line toward the inner corner of your eye;
  4. Then pass the eyeliner close to the eyelash root, filling the trace from the innermost part of the eye to the outer corner;
  5. So just fill in the outline of the kitten stroke;
  6. To further enhance the look, make use of an eyelash mask.

Making your own outlined kitten doesn't have to be a complicated task. Especially after checking this step by step, right? Of course a little practice helps to get a good result.

Other ways to make outlined kitten

If you are still unsure how to make the outlined kitten or want to know other techniques, check out the videos below:

Outlined Kitten with Ribbon

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To draw a straight line, a tape can be of great help. If you do not have much practice or do not hit the dash, you can check out this video, which gives sure tips for a successful result.

Outlined Kitten With Staple

Another item that helps a lot in making the outline of the kitten outline is the staple. Since this is a common accessory, chances are you already have one at home making a fool of yourself. So how about using it to make that perfect stroke?

Outlined Kitten with Spoon

No staples or tape at home? So you can use a spoon to help you make that amazing kitty outlined. Here, the drawing is made with gel eyeliner with the help of a brush.

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Outlined Kitten With Mold

If you want, you can still buy a specific mold for the kitten outline. So it's extremely easy to make your makeup perfect, isn't it? Check out all the tips in the video.

Outlined Kitten with Pen

The pen is very practical when it comes to making the kitten outline. It has a thin tip and still has a dark color. Also, in this video, you can see how to draw the stroke without using anything supportive, just the pen itself.

Outlined kitten with pencil

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Pencils may not be the first choice when making a kitten outline, however, it also works very well for this purpose. Here's how to do it at home.

With the tips of the videos above, it is much easier to get it right when doing the makeup, right? Also, because the techniques are varied, you can test them to see which one is the easiest to follow.

Inspirations with kitty make-up to rock the eye

The kitten outline is very versatile. With it, you can get a basic or even flashy makeup that combines from day to day to a special party. Check out the inspirations below:

1. Kitty Outline Helps Enhance Eyes

2. Even if it's very basic

3. See how he stands out

4. Even with the thin stroke

5. It blends very well with a make nude

6. And can be used quietly in everyday life

7. Even combined with a red lipstick

8. This combination is pure charm

9. But it's also worth betting on a more discreet option

10. Highlighted lashes help further enhance the look

11. Kitty outlines don't necessarily have to be black

12. Even if this is your most common version

13. Kitty outlining is already a hit

14. Also use it for night parties

15. In this case, it is worth to be careful in the thickness of the stroke

16. Like this picture

17. A golden shadow also helps to enhance the night look

18. Just like a colored shadow

19. And even a lot of glitter

20. What counts is to make a composition that fits your face

21. And be very calm when making the dash

22. If you don't have much experience

23. You can use one of the techniques taught in the videos.

24After that, just train

25. And find out which design is best for your eye shape

26. From this you can always rock the kitty outlined

27. Even if he isn't the highlight of your makeup

28. As with this option, the colored and glittering eyeshadow draws the most attention

29. But you can also leave all the highlighting due to the kitten outline

30. After all, he is pure charm

As you have seen from the list above, there is no shortage of makeup options with kitty outlines. Now, just choose which one is your favorite to wear next time you put on makeup.

Versatile, this is the kind of wildcard makeup for a variety of occasions. So how about you start training the dash for a perfect result? If you love eye contouring, you can still learn how to make the outlined angel wing.

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