Pantyhose Care

Pantyhose is the key piece for winter productions. That the accessory makes the production even more elegant, especially when combined with leg-showing pieces, this every woman already knows. But when it comes to pulling the sock, who has never been nervous about the situation?

Situations like this occur mostly at those times when you least expect it. The pantyhose is very delicate, so be very careful when wearing it and thus avoid damage. Check out some tips on pantyhose care and know how to keep the accessory longer.

Choose the right size!

To prevent the pantyhose from getting tight, bothering you while wearing, tearing or even detonating your look, always buy the right size for your body shape.

The sizes of socks range from small to extra large, you can not go wrong in the right choice, just check the numbering on the packaging. Buying a smaller number will not make you look thinner, keep in mind that it is best to feel comfortable wearing the piece.

How to wear pantyhose correctly

There's nothing more boring than putting on the pantyhose and noticing that the thread has run or punctured. This can happen due to the wrong way of dressing. The best way to wear the pantyhose without pulling the threadFirst of all it should be calm. Preferably, do this sitting down, and keep it half-stretched while dressing. This tip applies to socks with coarse yarns and especially to fine yarns.

Sitting, start by wrapping the sock in your hands on both sides. Then put on one foot and unroll your legs and gently raise the sock. Upon reaching the knee while still sitting, repeat the same procedure on the other leg. Stand up slowly and carefully and keep climbing the pantyhose, always stretching and adjusting so that it does not tear. Finally, arrange the sock at the waist and hip so that it does not cause discomfort.

And to take off?

If it wasn't that difficult to put on the pantyhose, to take it off without even pulling a thread, is even easier. To take off the pantyhose, you must do the opposite procedure, that is, you must stand and then sit down. One tip to avoid pulling the cord is to remove accessories from your hands and arms, such as rings, bracelets and watches. Also be careful with large nails, they can damage the sock.

Standing, lower the sock to below the hip and slowly lower until it is just below the thighs. Sit carefully and lower your sock with your hands, always careful not to tear. When you get to your feet, remove the sock and stretch correctly.

How to wash the pantyhose

Yes, the pantyhose is not disposable! If well maintained, it can be reused a few times. And for that, you need to know how to wash the pantyhose correctly. In a basin of cold or warm water (if it is very dirty), add some mild soap and a drop of fabric softener. Dip the pantyhose in the basin and stir in the water with your hands. After that, gently remove the sock from the water and place in running water to remove the soap.

Twist the pantyhose very carefully to remove excess water and always hang on the clothesline at the waist, not to risk pulling the thread. Let the pantyhose dry naturally. If you prefer to machine wash, it is advisable to put the pantyhose inside an old one or in a pillow case to prevent tearing, staining or even catching? Balls? of other fabrics.

Storing the pantyhose

Once cleaned, the pantyhose needs to be stored properly, always being careful not to spoil. This requires folding the pantyhose and packing separately in plastic or woven bags and storing in the drawer, preferably at the bottom so as not to risk other parts damaging the sock.

Pulled the thread, now what?

If even with proper care when dressing and taking, washing and keeping the sock properly, you end up pulling the thread by accident, you need not despair. With a few tricks you can try to save your pantyhose. But if it tears at once or punctures, it has to be discarded so as not to detonate your look. To avoid embarrassment, always have a spare pantyhose in the bag.

Tricks to save your sock

Your mother must have already taught you a few tricks she learned from your grandmother to try to save those pantyhose that ran just a little. At first you think this is bullshit, but in some cases it can be very helpful and help repair the damage, especially at times when you least imagine it. Check it out:

How to Wash Pantyhose : Felt, Wool, & Other Fabric Care (April 2021)

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