Stairs in the decoration

At stairs They have stood out in interior designs not only as a connecting element between environments, but also as a valuable part in decorating. In addition to choosing the ideal stair space in an environment, you must choose the materials for the structure and stair type that best suits the other decorative elements.

The models range from classic and straight to the boldest and with effects such as spiral, helical, with secondary access to cabinets, shelves or even gardens below.

In more spacious environments, the straight stairs make the environment elegant. For a lighter and more discreet effect, bet on the stairs with thinner concrete steps and the glass railing.

More modern and sophisticated environments call for staircases with hollow or normal steps, covered in any type of wood or stones such as marble and granite. Already small places, ask for spiral or semi-circle stairs, designs with "twisted" effect that give an extra charm in the decoration and do not take up much space.

In addition to beauty, the ladder needs to bring comfort and safety. It must be ergonomically correct with a height of 15 to 18 cm on the steps and a width of not less than 90 cm. Firm handrails and guardrails are essential for complete safety, especially for children.

In addition to choosing the ideal staircase type, you also need to think about the details, such as coatings and finishes. To avoid accidents, choose closer, more firmly supported handrail types. The wooden or aluminum railing, differentiated balusters as base or even wallpapers, tiles or hydraulic tiles of different colors and models on each step, makes the staircase different and stylish.

Applying the philosophy of feng shui for harmonization of environments, a hint of how to use stairs in decoration It is investing in a small garden at the bottom of the staircase using natural stones, plants and flowers. If you don't have space, unleash your creativity and invest in small flower pots or objects at the corner of some of the steps.

How to decorate Staircase/Staircase Decoration ideas with Plants (April 2021)

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