What to expect from a great love?

One of the most popular subjects on social networks is about love, from delights to disappointment? who has never read a? post? with the characteristics of what a "big love" must look like

The description is long, but necessarily needs to have fireworks, glow, bells, singing angels, etc. Everything we easily find here in São Paulo, on the famous Rua Twenty-Five March.

Most worryingly, people believe they need to find? Half the orange? or "the lid of the pan". We may for convenience attribute our happiness to someone else, but we must assume that we are not incomplete beings.

But then, what is love? This conception is formed from our birth, throughout our childhood and adolescence we have good and bad experiences and the way we react about them is a determining factor for the future of our love relationships. For example, a child who experiences a submissive mother or abused by her husband may in his adult life associate love with submission or violence, so we often see the repetition of stories within a family.

Similarly, childhood experiences in a troubled home with many fights and lies can cause this individual to seek unstable relationships. I once met a young woman in my office who had a history of a lot of bad dates, when she started a stable relationship she couldn't live with the peace and security that caused her, after so long I still remember how uncomfortable she was in bed and sleep without worries and that was certainly not love.

Also very common in the office are people who are looking for a relationship to solve their problems, perhaps from the old cliché that love overcomes everything. Unhappiness at work, problems with family, lack of friends. When love can't solve or? Plug? All these holes, we start for another relationship and then another, idealizing something that does not exist and that we will never find.

It must be clear that it is not what we experience or who are to blame, but how we respond, that is, we are 100% responsible for our happiness.

If you are unhappy or if your expectations are to find a soap opera love, it is better to review your concepts and maybe look for a professional to help you.

As we already said in the text, the concept of love is very particular, because it depends on our experiences, and this has no problem, what we need is to know what is not love and suffering is number one on the list.

Why We Should Expect Less Of Love (April 2024)

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