6 Most Common Beauty Mistakes

Every woman likes to have at least some basic care to keep her beauty up to date. Unfortunately, some beliefs and lack of information sometimes lead them to create habits that instead of collaborating with beauty end up doing the opposite.

So that you don't make these slips, we list here beauty bugs quite common, which many people believe to be the right way to take care of themselves. Avoid these habits and realize how the right way to take care of your beauty will deliver even better results on your skin.

6 Beauty Mistakes You Should Avoid

1 ? Over-condition hair

Some people believe that the more conditioner they pass, the more hydrated their hair will become. In fact, can exaggerating the amount of cream make your hair heavy, lifeless and oily? even if the hair is naturally dry.

Ideally put a little cream on the palm and spread only on the tips. Doesn't hair need to be white? So much cream to stay hydrated, I put an amount that is enough for the cream to reach the ends of the hair only.

2 ? Overdoing your hair

Another still widespread belief is that you should wash your hair several times or rub your scalp enough to remove all impurities. Unfortunately, doing so will leave your hair without its natural moisturizing substances and can even trigger higher sebum production? which will make the root extremely oily.

When washing your hair, apply shampoo to its full extent and lightly massage the scalp down to the ends. After that, rinse well with running water. If you want to remove impurities better, use an anti-residue shampoo.

3? Perfume after dressing

Putting perfume on your clothes, besides being able to stain, may not give the expected effect. The perfume is meant to be applied to the skin where, with body heat, it will give off the expected aroma. Therefore, avoid passing the perfume over the clothes. Prefer to pass the wrist and behind the ears.

4? Take the eyebrow with the face very close to the mirror

Placing the face too close to the mirror when taking the eyebrow can seriously compromise the result. When removing the eyebrow, it is advisable to stay away from the mirror first to analyze where you will remove the hair. Then you approach and take some. Step back again to check result and repeat process until finished. This will give you a better chance of maintaining the right shape for your face and will avoid leaving your eyebrows too thin or too small.

5? Forgetting to make up your neck and neck

This is a fatal mistake especially if you apply a foundation or powder with a different shade of your natural skin. The difference between the skin of the face and the skin of the neck and neck is evident in these cases.

Therefore, when applying make-up, be sure to leave the entire region exposed with a homogeneous color. Not to be wrong, always test the base and powder tone before buying at the store. Test both on face, neck and lap.

6? Abuse in concealer

Over-correcting the eye area may show or even create nonexistent wrinkles. Exaggerating the amount of product will no longer hide the small defects you don't want to appear.

Instead of putting on a lot of concealer, prefer to pass a facial primer first because it closes the pores and makes the skin look more beautiful, and better fix the makeup and make it last longer.

Follow the tips and take even more care of your beauty. So you get the most out of the benefits that cosmetics can provide.

5 Common Beauty Mistakes Girls Make & How To Fix Them! - POPxo (April 2021)

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