Good coexistence tips for those who share a home

Share the home with someone is no easy task. However, with some care you can make this task more organized and make it more enjoyable than it seems to be.

We suggest some ways to deal with this situation so that you and those who live with you have a peaceful life, avoiding potential problems. Check out.

Keep finances organized and up to date

To avoid problems such as conflicts over whether or not to pay an account, it is essential to keep everything organized and well recorded. And for that to be possible, the tip is to centralize payments all in one person.

You can agree on who pays the bills and collects the money, as well as spreadsheets to keep the values ​​recorded. Another suggestion is to make receipts so that there is no problem with someone saying that they paid something they did not pay, or even charging something the other has already paid.

For these reasons it is important to keep everything well organized and noted and never? Let it go? when it comes to money. And when it comes to home shopping, what is common to everyone (cleaning products, for example) can be split evenly, while the other personal consumables should be paid by the buyer.

Those who take care of the finances have a little more work than those who just give the money to them, so to make the sharing of responsibilities between you a little fairer, those who take care of the finances may get a discount on his or her share of the bills. of the House.

Share the responsibilities between you

Just as the responsibility for the money has to be with someone else, the responsibility for cleaning and organizing the house also needs to be distributed. Can you divide by week? each clean in a week or even divide by activity? while one of you cleans the room the other cleans the kitchen.

This division of tasks needs to be very clear, but it can be flexible depending on the level of your relationship. Remember that if it is not your cleaning week you cannot abuse by messing up and messing up the whole house, be considerate of the person who shares the home with you.

One way to keep the division organized is by having a list where you can write down what is your responsibility and check when in doubt.

Make rules to keep order in the house

It is necessary to create some arrangements between you so that the conviviality does not become a mess where each one does what they want, the way they want and the time they want. Discuss and determine some ground rules for keeping the house in order. Check out some examples of rules you can use:

  • Do not prepare dinner after 22h;
  • Do not bring strangers home without consulting who lives in the house before;
  • Do not enter other residents' rooms or borrow items without asking;
  • Do not turn on music too loudly;
  • Do not invite friends to spend time at the house.

These are just a few ideas, but remember that the rules may be more flexible and they depend a lot on the kind of relationship you and your homemates have.

Have a means of communication for any complaints

Communication between you is a key point for the good coexistence and should be treated with due importance. When something happens that one of the people who live in the house doesn't like, she should have the means to express it, so that unnecessary conflict is avoided.

You can talk face to face about what you don't like, or if you prefer you can write to each other what happened that didn't please you. It is noteworthy that this should be done in a polite and cordial manner to avoid offense.

By following these tips, you avoid major problems. Unfortunately, some small discussion during the time you share your home will be inevitable, but how much more can it be avoided? best. So use common sense and be cordial, so you will have a peaceful and pleasant coexistence. And if it doesn't work, why not share the home with other people? After all, no one is required to get along with everyone.

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