Am I ready to get married?

When the subject is marriage We usually talk about the wedding dress, the bridal shower or the honeymoon, but what about after the party is over and the guests leave? How to know when you are ready to face the day to day of marriage?

First, we need to go back a bit in history to understand the vision of marriage today. Formerly women were raised to be good wives and mothers, they took courses in household gifts, sewing, among others. Dating had its restrictions and marrying a virgin was a rule. Very few women continued their studies and went to college. Anyway, the man was the provider of the house and the woman was financially and emotionally dependent. The separation rarely happened and was shameful. With World War I and II women had to assume the position of men in the labor market and from then on they gained more and more independence. Marriage is no longer an obligation to be an option, and then marriage for love arises. So how can we justify the high rate of separation these days? We come to the first point of our question, love alone is not enough.

No doubt there is no right age or a test to know when a woman is ready to get married. The important thing is to evaluate the expectations that surround the marriage, mainly because since childhood we are conditioned to hear stories of princes and their white horses and that "they were happy forever", but in a marriage there is no prince (not a frog). let alone a princess who needs someone to save her, are just two people with their qualities and defects and it is essential to be aware of the defects and at least know how to tolerate them.

I once remember a friend saying that she couldn't see the time. of getting married, being with a loved one and making love every day. Although marriage is the consequence of dating, the two are very different situations, marriage imposes a routine that runs away from romantic standards, but which are basic to anyone's survival, such as: making food, cleaning the house, washing clothes, ironing, shopping, paying the bills and etc. I am not saying that romanticism and sex end after marriage, but you have to be aware that there is day to day getting up early, working, studying, tidying up, tiredness, or now I don't want to talk to anyone? "Now I want to be alone," and often not noticed during dating, especially since many couples only see each other on the weekend.

Certainly the marriage It is a new chapter in the history of our lives, it is full of blank pages that will be filled gradually. Many women on the eve of marriage feel insecure about leaving their parents' home and beginning this "new phase", this insecurity is understandable, and must be dealt with very calmly and as we have already talked about the future. Marriage offers us a companion to be with us writing the story of our life, often the way will be bad, full of stones and obstacles, sometimes it will be sunny, sometimes it will be tiring and sometimes you will have to sit and rest, but the The important thing is that they will have each other to support and love each other.

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