Appearance Updating & Rejuvenating Parts

Dressing is a way of expressing ourselves, and it can be used in a variety of ways: to intimidate, to get closer, to make the image look more serious, centered, or more fun, creative?

Some professions, such as public people, already use the different effects of color to change the way they are viewed, while those entering the job market often wear more formal clothes to demonstrate more security and experience with colleagues and clients.

Within this context, we can see that there are parts that? update? our image, which make us look lighter, fresher or even younger, while others? close? more our countenance. And this happens because of a set of factors: color, modeling, trim, fabric, among others.

I separated today then 5 tricks for those who want to rejuvenate the wardrobe and update your productions for upcoming seasons (and forever!):

1. Colors and prints

The most intense and vibrant colors have the power to lift a look and make it look happier, as well as the light colors that make the look of the look lighter and fresher.

So bet on some colorful, light or patterned pieces that, however discreet they may be, already change the face of neutral pieces and more formal modeling.

2. Weight Accessories

The fashion of statement pieces, or personality accessories, is here to stay, and a flashy maxi-necklace can work miracles over a basic black dress or the good old white shirt. Colorful scarves can be tied in a variety of ways (including your purse!), A cocktail ring makes your hands look prettier, bracelets (super in!) Narrow your arms and beautiful earrings draw the viewer's attention to your face, camouflaging what may not be up to date on the rest of the body.

Oh, and don't forget your shoes and handbags: A neutral suit comes alive with a colorful or patterned shoe (hello oncism!) And a bag with different details won't go unnoticed among your colleagues.

And there are the belts too: thin or thick, over shirts, dresses and coats give a feminine and current touch.

3. Modern modeling

A blazer need not have that straight cut or bland buttons. Social pants do not necessarily have to be straight and long. The knitting cardigan doesn't have to be funny, just like the usual overcoat or sweater.

Try modern, up-to-date modeling to bring your closet back to the 21st century. Here are some examples of appearance updater parts:

  • Waist blazers, shorter, with pointed shoulder pads or bat sleeves;
  • Boyfriend blazer or spencers;
  • Carrot or clochard style trousers with hip pleats and more tapered legs;
  • Pantalones or high waisted pants;
  • Vests;
  • Boyfriend jeans played with tailoring and formal accessories;
  • Midi skirts or more rounds;

4. Mix textures

Varying fabrics and textures always adds? Interest? to look and rejuvenates appearance.

How about mixing the usual cotton with silk, crepe, satin or linen? Do heavy and light plays by knitting with lighter fabrics and a slightly transparent texture fabric?

5. Adopt some trends without exaggeration

With a few fashion pieces and a good deal of creativity you can make your wardrobe more modern and up to date every season.

Look at trends in magazines or websites and pick one or two to adopt, without falling prey to fashion or credit card. Which ones best fit your personal and lifestyle? What made your eyes shine? What does your biotype value or not?

Mix them with your existing pieces, use creativity and get as much as you can from them always using common sense, after all not all trends are for everyone, right?

And be sure to also note what will and will not remain high: the rule is to invest less in pieces that you will use only one season and more in the famous, timeless, higher quality pieces!

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