Beauty, a distorted concept

It has never been more remarkable in the history of mankind that the cult of slim body. The increase in cases of eating disorders It is significant in people of normal weight and beautiful.

I watch a number of women struggling to dress, wanting and trying to feel good, but with no options but obese specialty stores. Small clothes, people who get depressed in the face of lack of choice when shopping.

Movements have been going against this false concept of beauty, like the plus size girls, who show us how to be charming and happy with their full bodies.

But at the other end of this movement, we have countless women dissatisfied with their body, desperate for an ideal of impossible beauty. These with their well-weakened self-esteem resort to medications, radical eating rituals such as prolonged fasts, or even ingesting minimal amounts of food, which prevents them from maintaining healthy eating behavior.

The process of seeking an 'ideal self', a way of being non-standard. Because of this imaginary construction, they are looking for magic formulas in the idealization of being happy. These images are passed to us on television, magazines, invading our lives every day.

The Federal University of São Paulo conducted a survey of 133 Olympic gymnastics practitioners, swimmers and girls who take physical education classes at school, between 11 and 19 years old. Result: 74% of the gymnasts, 56% of the swimmers and 58% of the others confessed the fear. No wonder they eat less than they should? 41% of gymnasts diet, for example. Most menu lack calcium and carbohydrate. Parents should pay attention to their children's diet, as poor diet when young can cause problems as an adult.

It is noteworthy that the ideal body It is one that is suitable for our physical structure, which makes us feel good while preserving health. The time is for reassessing concepts, and also allowing ourselves to be ourselves, to deal with our emotional issues properly.

It is essential to try to evaluate the concept of beauty, and if necessary seek expert help to develop self esteem, and learn that each has its own beauty, which makes it unique and special.

No wonder our concept of beauty is distorted (April 2021)

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