Card for Valentine's Day: sigh sighs from those you love

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Pampering and treats are a great way to celebrate special dates in a romantic way. With that in mind, it is possible to give a beautiful handpicked Valentine's Day card to please that person you like.

Regardless of whether the couple has a recent or older relationship, it never hurts to please them to make their date even happier. After all, who does not like to feel loved, is not it?

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26 creative card ideas for Valentine's Day

You can choose to buy a ready-made card or get your hands dirty and make a personalized option. The important thing is that it has a special meaning and demonstrates the feeling and affection you feel for this person. In the list below, you can check out some suggestions.

1. Homemade Valentine's Day card can be very creative

2. Even if it's very simple

3. Or even have a custom envelope too

4. Use phrases that represent your feelings.

5. Or just one? I love you?

6. The important thing is to be able to show your love

7. And how important is the person special to you

8. Simple gestures can brighten the heart

9. And make the person feel loved

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10. Kraft paper is an affordable choice but yields beautiful cards.

11. You can choose to buy your ready Valentine's Day card

12. Or get your hands dirty and make a custom

13. 3D hearts look cute

14. But an impression may already be a good size

15. What is valid is not letting this date go blank

16. You can make many different sized cards

17. Or just a big guy

18. Regardless of size

19. Show All Your Love

20. Not only with gestures, but also with words

21. Using some of your creativity

22. And your manual skills

23. So, even spending little

24. You Can Gift Your Loved One

25. Even if the idea is simple

26. You Can Get Sighs

One more exciting idea than the other, right? And do you think some options are so easy to do that you won't even have to leave home?

Card for Valentine's Day: how to do it

If you want to prepare a personalized Valentine's Day card, you can watch the videos below for some ideas. In addition to being able to express yourself the way you want, this is still a gesture that shows that you care about the person and took the time to do something especially for them.

Amazing Valentine's Day Cards

In this video, you learn how to make several different cards. One has glued paper hearts. There is also one with 3D effect. To close, there is still an option with stitching. All ideas are simple to follow and have affordable items.

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Valentine's day album card

Want to surprise someone? Here, the card appears to be a simple square, but that's not all. When you open pages, you may come across a large number of photos. So you can select your best moments together and gather in one place.

Creative Valentine's Day Card

This is another option for those who like to surprise. With the face of a single card, when unfolding the paper, in fact, the loved one will come across a large amount of cards. That way you can write a lot of love messages.

3 cards for Valentine's Day

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In the first option, you learn how to make a folding card that features photos and messages. The second is snap-on and, when opened, is like a heart. The third has a heart shape when it is closed and opens in several layers.

Card for Valentine's Day with line

Paper, scissors, cutter, tape, thread and glue are the items used to make this card. It doesn't take a lot of skill to make this option, so if it's simplicity you seek, check out the complete walkthrough.

Magic card for Valentine's Day

This card is called a magician because the phrase changes when it is open and closed. This requires scrapbook paper or cardstock, glue, ruler, pencil, scissors, stapler, permanent pen, sulfite paper and transparent paper.

Card for Valentine's Day 3D

How about surprising the person you love with a 3D heart and pixelated card? For this, you need to print a template, which is available from the video description. Scissors, ruler and glue are also required to make this option.

Romantic cards

In this video, you learn how to make two different cards. In one, there is a secret message. The second has a scratch card. The ideas are very creative and the walkthrough is simple as you only need to print, cut and paste the molds.

Card box

Here you learn how to make a card that, when opened, is boxed. Inside it, the suggestion is to add a paper with a romantic phrase. The items used are simple but may surprise you.

Concerted card for Valentine's Day

Heart-shaped, the accordion card features printed photos and phrases. So at each opening there is a surprise. You can merge unforgettable moments with romantic statements.

As you can see from the list above, surprising your loved one with a Valentine's Day Card is not a difficult task. In addition to buying this ready-made treat, you can also get your hands dirty and make yours. If you want to surprise even more, you can give them and Valentine's Day gift tips.

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