Choose the ideal sport for your child

There is a time when, for parents, concern about extracurricular activity or sport Ideal for children, gains strength. As each child has his or her own particularity, it is common for questions to arise as to which option is best and which one is best suited.

To resolve the issue, one must take into account the child's personality, tastes, body capacities, possibilities and needs, says psychologist Marinete Lourenço. And, be sure to consult the opinion of the small and ask him to suggest something.

If you can't identify which activity is right for you son, try some and help you choose one of them. But not all at the same time. And yes, one at a time? Says psychotherapist Luciana Giordano.

After choosing, parents should be aware of and observe the reflections that the practice is having on their children and whether it is helping or harming the child regarding their self-esteem, school performance and routine. ? It is important to consider the age group and value the pleasure that your child has to perform them ?, comments Luciana. It is important that the little one does not feel obligated to do what the parents chose.

The kid's favorite games can indicate which activity or sport best suits him. Focus on the behaviors that the child most evidences. For example, if she likes to run, jump or play ball, can the choice be directed to a sport ?, explains the psychotherapist.

According to the expert, it is also indicated to keep an eye on what needs to be developed in it. "For a shy child, for example, parents can choose an activity that helps to diminish this characteristic and that contributes to their social integration: group activities, courses, sports or something that works the expression," he says.

But it's not just the time of choice that parents should be aware. You must always follow him closely and be aware of the excesses that he may commit, because he does not identify with the practice. This can lead to detrimental changes such as falling school performance or even sudden behavioral changes. With these precautions, your child has everything to grow, develop in the best way and become a champion.

What is indicated for whom

See what behaviors and characteristics of children can help you choose the best physical or extracurricular activity for your child.

Hyperactive child: Chess works the concentration. Do dancing, swimming, martial arts, and soccer stir up body energy and teach discipline? It's time to start, stop and wait for his turn.

Shy child: Group activities promote social contact and interaction. It is necessary to note if the little one is participating or is left out, precisely because he is shy. Team sports: football, basketball, volleyball or handball.

Aggressive child: Judo and capoeira are indicated, as they help channel aggression and teach how to use force only on mats. It will also develop discipline and notions of boundaries.

Distracted Child: For those who have difficulty concentrating, swimming, tennis, dance and gymnastics can be indicated, activities that provide concentration in the movements. The important thing is to support them by teaching that we can make mistakes, lose or win. Always show that she has potential.

Choosing the Right Sport for Your Child (April 2021)

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