Duo Fiber Brush

The use of makeup brushes makes the difference in the finish, makes the skin much more beautiful and even. There are several types of makeup brushes and each has a specific function.

O Duo Fiber brush It has a large, circular shape, flattened at the tip and is bicolor. It can be used for light applications as a liquid or creamy base and to mix any powder product such as blush, compact and illuminator. It is the ideal brush type for creating soft layers or adding textures to the skin.

What is the difference of Duo Fiber?

The mix of short (black) and synthetic (beige) natural bristles is the differential of Duo Fiber. With both types of bristles, the skin has a natural effect and impeccable finish.

To ensure the durability of the Duo Fiber brush And of any other kind, care must be taken when washing makeup brushes and storing properly.

How To Use Duo Fibre Stippling Brushes! (April 2021)

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