Fake thinness

Being thin is synonymous with being healthy, right? Not always. It is no use being up to date with the scale, having sharp curves and a silhouette of envy, but still surrendered to sedentary lifestyle. In these cases, those who are overweight but maintain an exercise routine will win.

The problem is that false thinness It can also pose health risks as well as obesity. People within the normal weight range may develop some metabolic changes that increase the chances of characteristic overweight and obesity diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension.

Another very common problem of false thinness is the fat accumulation in certain regions of the body. This is due to a combination of factors including sedentary living, genetic factors and poor diet.

In women, extra fat tends to accumulate in the lower limbs, especially in the breeches, butt and thighs. This is where the dreaded cellulite arises.

Therefore, the fake skinny These are those women who appear to have a thin, thin body but have a hip, face, thighs, chubby arms or localized fat.

Tips to prevent fat accumulation

The secret of good nutrition is not miracle diets, which promise to shed several pounds in a few days, but in dietary reeducation. You must learn to eat the right way to keep your body healthy and safe.

Remember that no diet is valid for everyone and the food should be adequate according to their routine and needs.

Getting the nutrient ratio right in each meal is also critical, as is considering how much does not always equal quality.

Have regular meals, averaging five to six a day, every three hours. Avoid excess fat, run away from fast food, always carry practical foods for consumption and drink plenty of water.

Doing exercises is also of fundamental importance to prevent fat accumulation, strengthen the body and ensure better quality of life. Choose activities that give you pleasure. If you do not like the gym equipment and classes, prefer walking or cycling.

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