Foreplay: 30 Tips for Giving and Enjoying Pleasure

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Foreplay is words, looks, desire and affection, all that leads to the sexual act. That is, you spend much more time in foreplay than having sex. So, to receive and give maximum pleasure, check out a list of tips on what to do and try during the preliminaries.

1. Give to receive

A rule that can be applied to almost everything in life. The more pleasure you are willing to give, the more pleasure you can receive. Gratitude is a powerful feeling and, in a healthy relationship, the key to pleasure.

2. Do what is good for both of you

It may seem obvious, but it has to be said. Foreplay is a game of will, of pleasure. If you are not enjoying doing or receiving a caress, a joke, do not hesitate to say. This way, your partner will know more about you, your wants and what turns you on.

3. Learn how to demonstrate

Communication is essential to the relationship. So know how to demonstrate with smiles, moans or a stronger grip on your partner's body. This will give your partner the confidence that you are on the right track.

4. Public place

Nothing sexier than the forbidden. Flirting in public places can be very exciting, as the sense of danger increases the pleasure. But be careful not to get caught!

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5. Flirt under the table

Put on a shoe already thinking about what you're going to do, a scarpin or a peep toe that is easy to get off your feet. When it is on date, take off your shoe and caress his or her legs and inner thigh with slow movements while maintaining eye contact. With your toes, you can even do more erotic strokes in the groin and the like.

6. No panties

Running out of panties can be very exciting. This tip can also be done in a restaurant when you are wearing a skirt or dress. Before dessert comes, go to the bathroom and take off your panties. Come back with the panties in your hand (good smells, please!), Get to the table and put it in the hand of your partner. When he or she looks, tell them you've already ordered dessert and sit down with the most innocent face in the world.

7. Bites

Light bites (really light!) Can spice up the catch. Be careful, after all, not everyone likes to feel pain!

8. Nipples

Most men don't like to admit it, but the nipples are an erogenous zone that can be explored very well if tested, just like in women. There are men who will like you to flick your tongue over his nipple, take a few light bites, but there are men who will not enjoy it as much as some women who do not like it so much. So much of your feeling, but it can be a very good surprise.

9. Why the rush?

For the preliminaries, the ideal is not to worry about the time, not hurry to the finals. It is part of the game waiting, the almost there. When your kisses or touches are getting close to the penis or vagina, jump. The will will only increase.

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10. Inner thigh

If only people knew the power that the inner thigh has! Do the following, lie your partner on the bed and massage the inside of your thigh with your thumbs and tongue with firm pressure. Climb up his or her thighs and when you reach the groin, go up and down again. Use massage oils, ice or body creams.

11. Do not forget the testicles!

The region of the testicles is the most sensitive of the male body. Use it in your favor. Caress and kiss lightly, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

12. Ice Cubes

A very good and cheap option is ice cubes. Put the cubes in a glass of ice water so that they do not melt so fast. Let your mouth get very cold with an ice cube inside it and then you can kiss your partner on the mouth or erogenous points. For a hot / cold feeling, run the ice with your hand on his or her body and then lick the path traveled.

13. Refreshing Blades

The refreshing blade dissolves instantly in contact with oral moisture, providing 20 minutes of refreshing breath ideal for oral sex. It's more practical than peppermint or mint mints, so you don't have to tell your partner or partner you're using and you might be surprised.

14. Cover the eyes

You can wear a blindfold, scarf, tie or scarf, the important thing is the person being blindfolded, will make everything more interesting. When the person does not see what is happening, they feel more and enjoy more massage or kisses in the erogenous points.

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15. Tied

If you want to take it a step further, use a scarf, tie, or even cute sex shop handcuffs to tie your partner. He or she will feel more vulnerable and completely in your hands, which creates a cool trust between you and intensifies the senses. But if you use handcuffs, be sure to keep the keys. It's cool to fantasize about firefighter, however, the real thing may not be so interesting.

16. Don't be predictable

Mix everything always, hot and cold kisses, affection and oral. Being unpredictable always increases interest. Play with each other's body, kiss each other in different regions so he or she never knows where the next stimulus will be. It works more with the blindfold, but it is not necessary. This surprise is very exciting and easy to do.

17. Sensual Massage

Erotic massage can be done by anyone and has no rules. You can be sensually dressed in lingerie or semi-naked and use a massage oil. Creatively abuse your own body during the massage, the breasts, the hands, the groin, all in a sensual way. The goal here is purely to have fun and excite your partner.

18. Lap Dance

Lap Dance is a seductive dance in which you dance very close to your partner, may be even on your lap, but you can not let him or her touch you (for this, a good tip is to tie him in the chair or bed). Put on sexy lingerie and dance to some provocative music.

19. Strip Tease

Well known for being a very sensual dance, the Strip Tease is a powerful tool to fan your partner's desire. For an unforgettable performance, choose slow music and clothing that makes you feel sexy and confident. If you don't feel safe improvising a H-choreography, you can practice in front of the mirror, so it is easier to see which movements value you the most. Also be sure to maintain eye contact with your partner during the song, this is critical to establishing a better connection between the two of you.

20. Strip Fruit

Strip Fruit is a simple and creative joke. Leave the partner or partner sitting on the floor with a blindfold and choose a fruit (those with some strawberry juice). Pass the fruit over a body part and ask him or her to guess using your mouth. If your partner gets it right, take off a piece of clothing, but if you make a mistake, you are the one who takes off a piece of clothing from him or her. Give it a break every now and then so it doesn't get too repetitive if the other person starts to make a big mistake. The goal is to taste the fruit and create excitement / expectation.

21. Different condom

There are plenty of condoms out there that you probably never used. Invest in a flavored, colorful, shiny or textured condom to get away from the usual and spice up the relationship.

22. Sensual data

Another kind of really cool toy is the sexy dice. You can buy them at a sex shop or even over the internet and they are usually sold in pairs, one contains stock (kiss, bite, lick) and the other contains body parts (mouth, ear, feet). Throw the two dice together for unusual combinations.

23. Costumes

Erotic fantasies are a good choice for those who really want to get out of the rut. This is the time to unleash your imagination and reveal your fetishes! You can be anything you want and, in fact, combine fantasy with an interpretation of the character.

24. Sexting

The practice of sending messages with sexual content is known as Sexting. This is a great way to warm up the relationship or even create a mood before meeting with your partner. However, you need to find out what the other person likes before betting on the boldest and most descriptive messages!

25. Nudes

Another way to further heighten the other person's desire is by sending out sexy photos, also known as nudes. Abuse from different angles and find out how to value the best you have! But, as with Sexting, it's important to know the preferences of who will receive the photos so as not to create an awkward situation. Also, be sure to send them to someone you really trust so that you don't risk undue exposure later.

26. Erotic Videos

Erotic videos can bring a very interesting visual stimulus to the relationship, so why not watch them with the other person? This practice can help develop intimacy and connection between the couple, as well as bring new fantasies and create scenarios that increase the sexual repertoire of both.

27. Masturbation

Masturbation is a very important part of foreplay, especially because it is possible to easily reach orgasm through it. However, to be pleasurable, you must always be aware of the reactions shown by the partner or partner and not be afraid to question if it is being pleasant.

28. Lingerie

Sexy lingerie also makes a difference in the relationship.Bolder pieces not only help arouse the interest of your partner, but they also boost a woman's confidence and self-esteem. If you don't usually wear sexy clothes, don't worry! Opt first for more delicate sets that don't leave much out and, as you get used to it, take a chance on more provocative pieces.

29. Flavored Gel

A cool tip to innovate in oral sex is to use some type of flavored gel. In addition to the plethora of delicious flavors for you to taste, these products leave the skin smooth, which facilitates the movements at the time of foreplay.

30. Oral Sex

Careful oral sex is always welcome in foreplay, so use and abuse this practice! Take the initiative and show that you are also enjoying the moment, it will make the other person much more excited. Also remember to alternate movements, make eye contact and use your tongue to enhance sensations.

Foreplay is a very important part of sexual intercourse, so it should be understood as a kind of exchange. Providing pleasure to the partner is always good, but the other also needs to strive to satisfy their wishes and desires. Don't be afraid to demand it and put all the above tips into practice!

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