Hanging garden is ideal for adding charm and life to small environments

Ideal for environments with little space, choosing a hanging or vertical garden makes the cultivation of flowers and plants more practical, and ensures a beautiful and differentiated look.

They can be used on apartment balconies, or even on walls and interior corridors of the house. With low cost, it can be made with wooden boards, crates and even recycled materials such as pet bottles and plastic packaging.

The hanging garden can be wall mounted or suspended by ropes attached to the ceiling. Using old windows and doors also makes the look very charming. If you prefer, use simple shelves to support the pots. Unleash your imagination!

How to make a hanging garden

Mounting possibilities abound, making it a great choice for people who love a do-it-yourself project. Check out some vertical garden suggestions, choose your favorite and start making yours:

Vertical garden with pallets and crates

Easy-to-perform vertical garden, simply pleated wooden crates into pallets, and in turn nail the pallets to the wall. Now just add the flower pots and plants of your choice and make the environment more beautiful.

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Vertical garden of concrete blocks

Using concrete blocks, stack them on top of each other. Add soil to the blocks at the ends and plant your favorite flowers. Also stands for plants as succulents.

Vertical garden with pet bottles

Using pet bottles cut on its side and tied to each other. In addition to being easy to make, it is still a sustainable way to recycle bottles that would otherwise go to waste.

Canned vertical garden

Reuse used cans. Wash them thoroughly to remove any food residue, screw them into a wooden plate, add soil and the chosen plant. Now just pin the board to the wall and enjoy your new garden.

Vertical garden wired into wire mesh

To make this distinctive garden, build a structure with wooden beams. Secure the wire mesh with pre-bolted hooks to the studs. To secure the vases, wrap them with wire, making them very tight and attach them in turn to the wire mesh. Check out the walkthrough here.

Vertical garden in fabric shoe rack

Using a fabric shoe rack, attach it by hooks to a previously installed aluminum bracket. Add soil and selected flowers and plants. Simple and fast. Check out the walkthrough here.

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Vertical garden with old staircase

Give that old, unused ladder a new function. Sand it up, paint it in your favorite color, and put vase with your flowers and plants. In addition to being stylish, it also leaves the environment with more personality.

Vertical garden with hanging shelves

Ideal for indoors, this vertical garden is made of hanging shelves. To make them, cut circles on the wooden board. Drill holes at its ends to pass the rope. Secure the rope with plastic clamps or knot so that the wooden board does not get out of place. Hang the finished shelf and snap the vases onto the shelves. Check out the walkthrough here.

PVC pipe vertical garden

For this hanging garden, use pvc rails, drilling holes with the drill to the full extent so that the water drains automatically. Using wire ropes and rivets, secure the rails to each other leaving a space between them. Secure it to the ceiling with a hook. Plant vegetables and small flowers. Check out the walkthrough here.

Wooden Crate Vertical Garden

To make this modern garden not much is needed, just wooden crates stacked on top of each other and wooden boards nailed to the side to aid the structure. In addition to being beautiful, it adds charm and functionality to the bland environment. Check out the walkthrough here.

Disadvantages of a Hanging Garden

In addition to the space saving, the hanging garden has other advantages as well as certain disadvantages compared to a traditional garden. C / M & Arq architect Camila Muniz outlined some topics to consider before opting for this type of garden. Check out:

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  • If it is a vertical garden composition applied to the facade or ceiling of a house, one of its biggest advantages is the aid in the thermal comfort of the dwelling. The green layer acts as a thermal insulation element, which helps to keep the internal temperature balanced.This layer protects against the high temperatures in summer, and helps to keep the temperature warm in winter ?, informs.
  • According to Camila, the vertical garden works very well in sound control, as vegetation helps in the absorption and isolation of noise. The larger the application area, the higher the thermal and acoustic efficiency results in the house.
  • With the evolution of the application techniques of this type of garden, today it is feasible to use several species and can create numerous compositions generating various aesthetic results to the vertical garden. The larger the composition, the more these gardens become ornamental and appreciative elements of space architecture ?, he points out.
  • "Even if it's a small vase or plant composition on a wall inside the house or apartment, perhaps on the balcony, the presence of green has the same benefits as a larger installation, given the proportions," he adds.


  • The architect describes the maintenance of vegetation as one of the biggest difficulties in having a hanging garden. Care must always be taken to irrigation and drainage of the system to prevent infiltration and leakage.
  • • Difficulty in soil renewal can reduce important nutrient renewal and make root attachment difficult. For this, the use of substrates can be fundamental to the maintenance of your garden. The most common is the use of expanded clay, he recommends.
  • ? But in addition, when installing the garden, you need to take some prior care so that you can avoid problems in the future. You have to worry about the condition of survival of the plants, so make sure the place to be installed has sufficient incidence of lighting and ventilation?
  • Choose well the species to be used. Beyond the aesthetics of the leaves, it is important to worry about the volume of its roots, its growth forms and its behavior within the system, so that it survives inside the vertical garden ?, he teaches.

Hanging Gardens Ready to Buy

If you want to buy something ready, there are some online stores that sell various models of gardens ready for purchase. Check out a selection of beautiful gardens:

3 Shelves Jatobá Bookcase for R $ 809,00 in My Wood Furniture

Vertical Garden 1 planter, 3 cachepoos for R $ 124,90 at My Shop Brasil

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Vertical Garden Deck for R $ 254,40 on My Wood Furniture

Vertical Garden Park for R $ 392,70 at Casa América

Zen Full Bib for R $ 967.82 at Walmart

Hanging Garden with 2 shelves for R $ 255,03 at Lojas KD

Wooden trellis for R $ 193,90 at Leroy Merlin

Vertical Gardener for R $ 299.00 at Toca do Verde

Steel Vertical Garden panel for R $ 51,90 at Leroy Merlin

Wall bracket for R $ 89,90 at Toca do Verde

Suspended garden with 5 cachepoos for R $ 240.00 at Lojas KD

Bamboo trellis for R $ 48,90 at Leroy Merlin


Hanging gardens have become a good choice for those looking for a touch of green and greenery in their home. There are many possibilities for applying this type of garden. If you want to have your own vertical garden but are still undecided on which model to choose, check out the following selection and be inspired to have your own garden:

Whatever its use, the presence of plants in a residence brings many benefits to the place, including the conviviality itself and the sense of closeness to nature, as well as the tranquility and increased quality of space. Choose your favorite hanging garden and make your home even more beautiful and charming.

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