How to choose the right rug for your home

To choose rugs for the house It can be as big a challenge as deciding the furniture for the bedroom or a sofa to decorate the room. After all, the choices in material, texture, size, shape and color are innumerable, as are the variety in prices and manufacturing processes that can be handcrafted or industrial.

In addition to being decorative, the rug can have a number of practical functions: warm the room and give you a cozy feeling, hide floor defects, protect the floor from scratches, muffle noises. It can be used in all environments, but rooms, bedrooms, toilets and circulation areas such as lobby and corridors are strategic locations.

Remember that the carpet should add all the decoration of the environment, without breaking the harmony. Therefore, whether neutral, colored, patterned or plain, it should always be in accordance with the rest of the elements.

The place where you want to place the piece greatly influences the choice of carpet material type. Putting an expensive Persian rug in the children's playroom is not a good idea, just as a too-fuzzy rug is not suitable for the bathroom or busy rooms, as it will easily get dirty. In these cases, it is ideal to choose easy-to-maintain, machine-wash mats.

For each environment, there is a carpet type. The most modern ones ask for colorful rugs, with different stripes or prints. In classic environments, it is best to opt for the more traditional models.

It is also essential to think about the mat suitable for every climate. If the intention is to decorate a cool environment, such as a beach house, prefer a natural fiber mat. Warmer environments ask wool rugs, line and fur.

As for size, the important thing is that the carpet is perfectly suited to the dimensions of the space. As it demarcates space, it should not be disproportionate. A rug to be used in front of the sofa, for example, must be at least as wide as the furniture.

In addition to traditional square and rectangular rugs, differently shaped rugs are becoming increasingly prominent as a decoration piece. It is worth investing in innovative shaped rugs for a surprising result.

Interior Design – How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Space (April 2021)

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