How to make a good first date impression

O first date It's always a delicate moment, but it doesn't have to be a disastrous moment. We have selected some helpful tips so you know how not to look bad on your first date with the cat.

1 ? Be punctual

One of the most unpleasant things that can happen on a first date is having to wait for the one who is late. So if you don't want to be inelegant on the first day with the boy, schedule your day to arrive on time? neither sooner nor later.

2 ? Don't try to get too much attention

Another flaw that can be fatal and have the opposite effect is trying too hard to get his attention. The more you force yourself to look interesting, the more you push him away and scare him. So no telling all the prizes you've ever received for your cat.

3? If it's dinner, have good table manners

If your date is at a restaurant, you should look to table manners. No eating with your hands or too awkwardly. To avoid a tight skirt, avoid complicated dishes and prefer something more practical and uncomplicated.

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4? Avoid overdoing your clothes and makeup to avoid becoming vulgar

On that day, be assured of a look that you know suits you and values ​​your body and bet on light makeup, the ones that look like you're out of makeup (men love it).

Avoid too obvious necklines, too short salts or clothes that make the boy see you from 10km away. Also avoid makeup abuse, such as putting on a pink lipstick and smoky black eyes (unless you're going to a club, it won't look cool).

5? Prefer light and cheerful subjects

No talking about your uncle's funeral or commenting on the crisis in Europe during your first meeting. Unless this topic comes into the conversation lightly, it is not worth investing in these heavy topics. Prefer to comment on what you enjoy doing, reading, listening to, and movies you enjoy watching. Talk about yourself and show yourself interested to know a little more about him too.

6? Be polite and avoid embarrassment

If something unpleasant happens during the meeting, such as a restaurant accident, don't be rude and take it easy. Bursting and cursing on the first day is not at all interesting (and not on other dates, is it?). So whatever happens, keep the level.

Golden Tip: Be Yourself!

All of these tips will be useless if you become someone else on the date of the date. Try to adapt the suggestions to your reality so that you do not act artificially during the meeting. The golden key is to show your most interesting side, in a natural way, without wanting to look perfect at all.

I hope the tips work for you and make yours first date with that even hotter special cat.

#1 Rule For A Perfect First Date (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy) (April 2021)

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