How to reach 70 years with health?

73 years, 5 months and 24 days. This is life expectancy of Brazilians, according to IBGE research. When analyzing the data, it is inevitable to ask: how to reach old age with health? With a hectic routine, the contemporary woman has acquired bad eating and behavioral habits that can hinder the walk to old age.

And the worrying consequence of this behavior is the cardiovascular diseases. Brazil is among the 10 countries with the highest deaths registered by this type of disease. In numbers, it is possible to state that six out of ten women die of heart attack, especially after menopause.

"Smokers, obese, sedentary, women who conciliate cigarettes and contraceptives, who are in this condition, usually because of their own lifestyle, at a rate from 0 to 10, the number 9 determines the risks they are at risk," explains the cardiologist José Borges.

Talking about cardiovascular disease is the same as talking about specific heart and vascular diseases, such as heart attack, angina, aortic aneurysm, and heart failure, for example. These problems are triggered by genetic factors such as high blood pressure; for medical conditions such as diabetes; and also, because of a unhealthy lifestyle, especially from people who drink and smoke.

Therefore, to reach healthy seniors and avoid the dreaded cardiovascular disease, care must begin early. Check out tips below for taking a healthier life:

  • Do not smoke. This addiction can cause, besides cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, among others;
  • If you take prescription drugs regularly, seek advice from your doctor to find out if weekend drinks are available;
  • Practice exercises. Move yourself! If you are not in the habit of working out or running, seek professional advice;
  • Have a general check up every year. It is important to know how cholesterol levels are doing, etc .;
  • Have one healthy diet in order to control your weight. Obese or overweight people tend to develop cardiovascular disease more easily. To find out if you are overweight, just calculate the Body Mass Index? BMI The bill is simple: weight divided by height2 (squared). An adult with a BMI of 30 and up is considered obese.

Prevention begins in youth because, when they are in old age, women begin to gain weight easily And this is also a determining factor in knowing what is the risk of developing heart disease. Data from the National Diabetes Federation indicate that women with waist circumference greater than 80cm should be alert. ? Who cares for health, can even pass the 80 with good quality of life ?, completes the cardiologist

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