How to Remove Wine Stain: Efficient Tips to End Choking

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It is very common to spill some drink on your shirt, rug or even on the couch. And wine seems to be one of the drinks that are most subject to this event. But do you know how to take wine stain? We will teach.

You will learn to stain the drink on clothes, mattress, sneakers and even plaster. These are easy tips and quick tricks that make your life a lot easier. Check out:

How to get wine stain off the couch

  1. Heat the ideal amount of milk for the size of the stain;
  2. Put the hot milk over the stain;
  3. Let it act for 10 minutes;
  4. Rub until the stain is completely gone.

In this video, Dona Perfeitinha teaches 3 efficient solutions to remove the stain. One is the use of hot milk to remove stains from the sofa, even if it is waterproofed. Check out:

She takes the quiz and shares the experiences with the viewers. It is an easy and quick technique that will surely help a lot to remove these spots.

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How to Remove Wine Stain From Mattress

  1. Use a brush with hydrogen peroxide;
  2. Rub well over the mattress stains.

This tip is quick and very simple. But she can save the mattress that is stained. In the following video, you can check out the tutorial and learn how to get everything done.

In addition to wine stain, this mixture also helps to remove the yellowish marks on the mattresses.

How to remove wine stain from towel

  1. absorb excess liquid with paper towels;
  2. Put a handful of salt and let it act for 5 minutes;
  3. Remove salt;
  4. Repeat the process if necessary.

In this video, Flávia teaches 3 quick tips to help remove the stain. The first is using an ingredient we always have at home: salt. Give play to know how.

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This is a great tip for those who want to take wine stain off the tablecloth, for example. It works even if the drink was not spilled at the same time.

How to remove wine stain from white clothes

  1. Put the white wine on the stain;
  2. Rinse soapy water;
  3. Rinse normally!
  4. Is this a great way? and extremely practical! ? to remove the stain from the wine in white clothes. Watch the video and check out:

    As you watch the video, you will notice that this tip is for wine stains that are still wet. It's worth leaving it somewhere to resort to the tutorial when you need it.

    How to remove wine stain from tennis

    1. Take an old toothbrush;
    2. Mix a little baking soda, toothpaste and water to form a dough;
    3. Pass the brush into the dough and rub until the stain comes out;
    4. Wash the shoes with water and detergent.

    In the following video, you will learn how to clean and stain white sneakers. This technique can be used to remove wine stain from your sneakers.

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    With just 3 ingredients, you can make your shoes look clean and fresh again. This technique can be used for fabric or leather sneakers.

    How to remove wine stain with hydrogen peroxide

    1. Mix grated coconut soap with baking soda, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide;
    2. Pour some liquid soap on the spot;
    3. Place the piece in a bowl of water and baking soda;
    4. Let it act for a few minutes;
    5. Wash normally.

    In the following video, you will learn how to take dry spot with simple steps.

    This way, by following the steps, you can eliminate the wine stain completely and leave the piece spotless.

    How to Remove Wine Stain With Vinegar and Water

    1. Mix vinegar and warm water;
    2. Rub the mixture with a clean cloth on the wall;
    3. Ready!

    In the video, you will learn how to take wine stain off the wall once and for all. The walkthrough also shows how to clean other furniture and remove any stains.

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    This simple mix of vinegar and warm water is one of the easiest options presented in the video. Press play and check it out.

    How to take wine stain with ice

    1. Tie a plastic bag with ice inside;
    2. Apply neutral detergent to the wine stain;
    3. Rub the plastic bag over the stain;
    4. Leave the bag of ice resting a few minutes on the stain;
    5. Put hydrated ethyl alcohol;
    6. Pass the ice over the stain again;
    7. Finally, just wash normally.

    The video teaches this technique used to remove wine stain that requires very few ingredients. It is a very simple tip and it will help you remove dried or fresh wine stains.

    The technique is also used, according to Caroline, to remove grease stains and the like. Look at that amazing little thing!

    How to Remove Wine Stain With Homemade Mix

    1. Mix a handful of washing powder with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda;
    2. Wet the fabric to remove excess stain;
    3. Apply the paste formed with the ingredients on the mark;
    4. Let it act for at least 1 hour;
    5. Remove the paste with water by rubbing the fabric.

    This technique is a bit more laborious, but it completely removes stains. In the video, YouTuber used grape juice, but the technique goes well for wine stains.

    The tutorial shows the vogue's experience in performing the technique. She is surprised by the efficiency of the process. It's worth a try!

    In short, the tutorials are quite simple and can help you save that clothes or towel you love so much. Just following the steps correctly will work!

    As we have seen, it is possible to remove wine stains from fabrics, sofas, sneakers and even from the wall. Now you can enjoy a quiet wine-filled night without worrying about unwanted spots!

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