Lack of dialogue? 8 Signs That Your Relationship Is Near the End

It's hard not to get excited when we fall in love with a new person. The phase of getting to know each other is full of discoveries and news, and we can't wait for the next meeting.

At first we only have eyes for one's qualities, and we refuse to see the possible defects.

But if we insist on not seeing reality, the initial excitement can eventually lead to a big disappointment.

Check for some signs that the relationship has everything going wrong, and consider whether to give it a try or jump off the leaky boat.

1. He is always right

At first it may seem that he is a confident and confident guy, but over time you will realize that he is in fact unable to admit a mistake and apologize.

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2. Do you feel that you are talking to yourself

Lack of empathy is a frequent complaint from women. If you feel that your partner simply does not seek to understand your side, it can be difficult to move the relationship forward.

3. You do not accept yourself as you are

No one person is the same, but if the differences are many and you cannot accept each other, it may be a sign of trouble ahead.

Unfortunately, that story of which opposites attract doesn't work very well in practice.

4. The chat does not mesh

The first goal when dating someone is to get to know them better, right? Only this will be a very difficult task if the conversation between you does not mesh.

Be it because he won't stop talking and give you no space or because he doesn't collaborate with the matter further and you need to make a monologue, the difficulty in establishing a conversation is a sign that you lacked connection.

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5. Too much expectation and too little relationship time

As much as mutual interest is great, too high expectations for a first moment, such as marriage plans and children, can be a sign of anxiety to engage in a relationship? any relationship, not exactly with the partner in question.

6. Lack of plans is also a sign

Creating too many expectations is a problem, but the total absence of plans is not a good sign either. If there are no plans to even have a beer next weekend or to watch a movie that is about to open, the lack of interest is clear.

7. All previous relationships were terrible

We all have previous relationships, and if they have stayed in the past, it is because some reason for this exists. However, when a person is unable to derive anything positive from his or her experiences, even for personal growth, this can be a sign of lack of maturity and respect.

Think about it: can you be the next victim? of fully partial judgments in the future.

8. On the basis of the lost

You talked about meeting over the weekend. It arrives Friday night and he disappears, appearing late Sunday with some excuse. Or, you send several messages on WhatsApp, but his answer is the loudest vacuum.

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It's no use: as good as the first date was, it is not possible to maintain a relationship based on the famous "lost".

These signs are not the only ones that may indicate that the relationship has already expired, but they are a good basis for you to assess whether you should really get into this romance or keep a little foot behind. Keep an eye.

Signs That Your Relationship Is Over - He Doesn't Love You Anymore (August 2020)

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