Movies to cry: 25 titles that will make you separate the handkerchief

Jack's Room

Feelings can be the most varied when looking for movies to cry, as we can cry with laughter, be thrilled with a sad story, a happy ending or even a life lesson.

If you are looking for movies of this genre to wash your soul or relieve PMS, why not check out the following list? These are inspiring titles that will make you separate the handkerchief and the popcorn.

1. Five Steps From You (2019)

Stella and Will suffer from cystic fibrosis and meet at the hospital during intensive care. Both fall in love instantly, but this relationship will need certain adaptations as they cannot come close to each other due to illness.

2. One Star Is Born (2018)

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Jackson Maine, a renowned country singer, meets Ally during a cabaret performance. A strong attraction, as well as a passion for common music, creates a bond between them. While Ally deals with her rising career, Maine will have to deal with her addiction without jeopardizing her profession and relationship.

3. Midnight Sun (2018)

Young Kate suffers from a rare disease that puts her life at risk from any exposure to sunlight. She has been protected indoors since she was a child, and watches Charlie every time he walks down her street. When they finally meet each other on graduation night, the passion becomes immediate, and Kate decides to live the best summer of her life.

4. Extraordinary (2017)

Auggie is a little boy who has had 27 plastic surgeries all his life because of a facial deformity at birth. At age 10, he will first enter a school with other children and will have to adapt to his new reality.

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5. How I Was Before You (2016)

Based on Jojo Moyes' bestseller, the film portrays the story of Louisa Clark, a fun young woman who works as a caregiver for Will Traynor. The tough-tempered boy goes on to test Lou's patience, but both will learn a lot from each other on this incredible journey.

6. Until the Last Man (2016)

Based on the story of Desmond T. Doss, Even the Last Man shows the saga of this young soldier who refuses to take a weapon during World War II. Despite being a laughing stock and distrust to his fighting colleagues, Desmond saves about 75 men during the Battle of Okinawa without firing a single bullet.

7. The Choice (2016)

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Travis womanizer sees her life change completely after she meets Gabby, her neighbor. After much resistance, the girl ends up breaking her long engagement to bet on this new relationship, but a fatality will force one of them to make a difficult choice.

8. I Miss You Already (2015)

Jess and Milly are childhood friends, but each has a different path: Milly has formed a family and is successful in her career while Jess leads a quiet life with her husband. While one lives the happiness of getting pregnant for the first time, the other is diagnosed with breast cancer.

9. Jack's Room (2015)

Joy lives in isolation in a room where she gave birth to little Jack. They receive periodic visits from Old Nick, who is responsible for keeping them captive. But Joy has a risky plan, in which Jack will be responsible for gaining the freedom of mother and child.

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10. The Blame Is on the Stars (2014)

Hazel and Augustus met in a cancer support group. She always preferred not to get involved with someone because of the illness, but the boy's charming manner eventually changed her mind. Together they will live memorable situations and face some boundaries they would never imagine facing.

11. The Best of Me (2014)

Amanda and Dawson fell madly in love in the summer of 1964. She, from a traditional family, saw him as a simple boy, a safe haven. The two followed different paths in life, but fate was in charge of uniting them again 20 years later.

12. One Moment Can Change Everything (2014)

After losing interest in her academic life, followed by a love disappointment, Bec begins working as a caregiver for Kate, a woman suffering from a terminal degenerative disease. The girl changes the way she sees life and moves further and further from her old routine.

13. If I Stay (2014)

Mia, a young and talented musician, is torn between devoting herself entirely to her career or her great love, Adam. But an accident will make her think of her past and future and have to make a decision.

14. Question of Time (2013)

Tim Lake discovers that he can travel back in time and that this power is a legacy passed from father to son in his family for generations. The young man will use this ability to win the woman of his dreams, save a friend from a professional disaster and keep his family safe.

15. The Impossible (2012)

Maria and Henry are on vacation with their three children in Thailand when they are surprised by a tsunami of devastating proportions. During the catastrophe, they involuntarily split into two groups and will have to fight to survive.

16. Untouchables (2011)

Phillip is a tycoon who needs special care after a serious accident that left him quadriplegic. Is Driss hired to fulfill this mission? a boy who has just been released from prison and commits one gaffe after another. Together they will nurture a true friendship that will go beyond boss and employee relationships.

17. Memories (2010)

Tyler is a wayward boy who has a troubled relationship with his father. Does he believe that his suffering is not understood by anyone? until I met the friendly and caring Ally. When the relationship seems to be maturing, some secrets emerge threatening the romance.

18. The Last Song (2010)

Is Ronnie sent to the coast to spend the summer holidays with her father? with whom you have no affinity. He tries to reconnect with his daughter through their passion for music as she falls in love with a popular city boy.

19. Dear John (2010)

Private John meets Savannah college sweetheart during the summer break and the two fall madly in love. Even though John is far away, the relationship stretches the distance for many years and contact is maintained through letters. Until fate reserves something unexpected for the couple.

20. Always By Your Side (2009)

A college professor finds an abandoned Akita puppy at a train station. At first the man would leave the dog at home until he found a new owner for him, but time passed and their relationship only tightened. The dog accompanies him daily to the station, where he waits patiently for his return.

21. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008)

The story takes place during World War II, when Bruno and his family leave Berlin to live next to a concentration camp where his father is commander. During a lonely day the boy meets Shmuel, a Jewish boy of the same age, with whom he begins a forbidden friendship.

22. Marley & Me (2008)

Learn the story of Marley, a yellow Labrador who is adopted by a family of journalists and their children. The dog grows up by sneaking up and destroying the entire house, but offering loyalty and fun to owners all their lives.

23. Reign Over Me (2007)

Charlie lost his entire family in the September 11 attack and never recovered from this trauma. He reunites with Alan, a former college roommate, and the friendship is immediately resumed. Together they will face their deepest personal problems.

24. P. I Love You (2007)

Did Holly consider herself a lucky woman? successful and married to the great love of her life - until her husband dies from cancer. She will later discover a series of mysteriously delivered letters that help her move on.

25. Diary of a Passion (2004)

Noah and Allie meet in the 1940s and fall madly in love, but the girl's family doesn't accept the relationship. When Noah is sent to World War II, Allie ends up getting involved with another boy under pressure from his parents. It is when her great love returns to the city that she realizes that the feeling is not over.

Do you know which movie this marathon will start on? Prepare the hiccups because crying is free!

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