Multifunctional women

Who doesn't already know a friend, neighbor, sister who lives running out of time, or even you, stressed out, with no time to take care of yourself? With the entry of women in the labor market, it ended up adding another identity among their various roles played by them daily.

The alarm clock rings in the morning, we fall out of bed, and running we get ready, we get children out of bed, keeping an eye on the clock, where the hands seem to be walking fast.

We face congestion, leave our children at school, and arrive at work already tired. On the desk papers, and lots of email in the inbox to answer. Total stress!

In the midst of this whirlwind of emotions and responsibilities, the stress generated by multiple activities, the body calls for help, as the sedentary lifestyle together with a bad eating habits, can lead to a obesity.

But we have trouble organizing our time, and opening a gap so we can breathe, and even do nothing, in order to shut down for a few hours and look only at ourselves.

According to Lucia Malagris in the book Stress is inside you, you need to recognize your behavior pattern, identify the characteristics present, reflect on the effects of this pattern on your quality of life and what you may be missing out on, experiencing the desire to change and effectively changing.

A reevaluation of their life context is necessary to find a balance between work and activities that give them pleasure, so that they can achieve balance with moments of joy, with emotional exchanges with family and friends, leaving food as a necessary moment in our daily lives, but not as the main course.

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