School Change: Help Your Child Adapt

The middle of the school year is a phase when many parents decide change your school children, whether because of location, changing family finances or even dissatisfaction with teaching at the current school. The truth is that for parents this change is simple, since as adults we know how to deal with such situations. But for children, who are still in training, change school It can be a real nightmare.

Any sudden change in our lives is faced with a certain amount of anxiety, but for children we need to help them overcome this feeling and avoid future problems. The psychologist, specialized in child behavior, Paula Pessoa Carvalho explains that it is necessary to prepare the child for this change. It is very good for parents to explain to their children the reasons for the change of school. Of course in a way and language that she can understand. This facilitates the adaptation process.

Setting the child in the new school reduces the nervousness, the expert indicates that parents take the child to know the environment before the effective start of classes. Take her to the institution, show her where the bathroom, the cafeteria and so on are. On the first day of school the child will not feel so lost in this place ?, explains the psychologist.

Some children will react to this life change, it all depends on her personality. But if she expresses sadness or frustration, it is best for parents to welcome their children and try to understand the little one. • Fighting or demanding that the child be accepted is not indicated. Try to reverse the situation by highlighting the positive points of this change?

THE child adaptation in the new school It can take up to three months, it all depends on her personality, school environment and relationship with her parents. In class, the child may present low school performance or a social downturn. "It is normal for her to have difficulties with the new school, so it is necessary this attention of parents and teachers regarding the child's performance in this period," he explains.

The expert advises that this problem needs to be observed as soon as possible to prevent the child failing grade. Teachers also play a very important role in this period of school reintegration. So it is interesting for parents to talk to educators to always be aware of the child's difficulties in the classroom.

When the children in question are already teenagers, the specialist explains that it is a good option to let them participate in choosing the new school. Show him the options that pleased him and are part of the real, family-style possibility. "When parents allow teens to make their choices, they are teaching their children to take responsibility," he explains.

The most important thing is to help your child adapt to the new school and feel happy, because at this stage they spend a lot of time in the institution and need a place where they feel comfortable and safe.

Helping Kids Cope with Change and Transitions (April 2021)

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