Short social dress: 70 looks full of charm and elegance

Camila Coelho

The short social dress is a fashion classic and is present in most women's collection. That's because besides being practical, it exudes sensuality, elegance and, of course, makes the body even more beautiful, with legs showing.

And if you're looking for ideas to include a short social dress in your production, whether it's for a corporate event or a special party, here's a complete list that will inspire you to create your next devastating look. Check out:

1. A short social dress is that sure piece for a party

2. And if it has some finer details, it is even worth using it in a wedding

3. With long sleeves, this little model was delighted with boots over the knee

4. The romantic atmosphere of this piece was due to the embroidery and its round skirt

5. There are days when all a woman needs is a little black tube

6. By the way, how not to fall in love with this little black something basic?

7. These stonework applications made short social dress a spectacle

8. Scarpin animal print gave even more prominence to the look

9. This short social dress fits like a glove for that prom

10. While its white version is perfect for that little beach party

11. Flowery plus size is ideal for daytime events

12. While bright bright red is welcome for nightly occasions

13. Vivid colors brighten the look with mastery, don't you think?

14. Nude is Ladies' Favorite Choice

15. Like income

16. How about a lurex snug to enhance the silhouette?

17. With stones, your social dress will be even more exquisite

18. And with sequins, the look will get a very modern look

19. The fluidity of the mullet dress ensures the lightness of the look

20. The open heel will help to further lengthen the silhouette.

21. Golden, short and cleavage is synonymous with sheer boldness.

22. Short-sleeved social dress dictates the seriousness of the makeup

23. While the shoulder straps and belly detail make it all the more sensual

24. Speaking of stretching the silhouette, the vertical stripes give a helping hand in this mission

25. The evasê dress has that charm you are looking for

26. To enhance the shoulders, nothing better than this asymmetrical cutout

27. And for your lap, never miss a nice cleavage

28. Waistband models give that hourglass effect

29. The purple over the knee boot made the composition look more casual

30. Black and white is a classic and will never go out of style.

31. Just like the full golden look

32. You can invest in a beautiful tweed in daytime events.

33. The floral short social dress is as light as its fluid cut

34. Can a short man have a slit? Of course you can

35. The tone upon tone of this piece created a beautiful effect on the body.

36. The slightly puffed sleeves gave the look an eighty touch

37. With lace and shine you can't go wrong

38. Especially if you have cute frills

39. The two different textures of the fabric dictate the contemporary style of the piece.

40. In fact, there is no more contemporary piece than eco-leather

41. Isn't this shade of green a drag?

42. A distinctive proposition for those who want to stand out from the crowd

43. Fun prints are perfect for daylight occasions

44. While satin is pure luxury

45. One shoulder to shoulder to ensure the charm of the turn

46. ​​If you're short, go with your little shoes, huh?

47. After all, he'll be totally on display to make you even more beautiful.

48. Straight cut also favors the wearing of social dress in corporate environment

49. But Let Income Shine on More Sophisticated Events

50. Righteous people may even be used in different ways, as in casual engagements.

51. While the colorful ones are welcome in that fun ballad

52. Along with the indispensable shiny fabrics

53. And full of glamor

54. The short and sensual can also be very elegant

55. And elaborate clippings are beautiful contributors to this.

56. Want a more timeless and classic material than velvet?

57. The wrinkled fabric made this short even more beautiful

58. Don't forget accessories to further enrich production

59. Like this look, where the wide belt was the highlight

60. Because they will dictate the style of your look

61. The combination of black and red is infallible

62. With ruffles on the bar, the falling strapless has gained a romantic touch

63. But some options with simple cutouts also fall into this category.

64. See how layers of tulle can result in a fancy short social dress

65. But if the idea is a little drier, how about a piece of Tiffany blue suede?

66. The nude shoe was the icing on the cake of this composition.

67. Doesn't it look like the piece was made directly on the body?

68For a total black look, the rhinestone belt is a hit

69. Worth up to dust pantyhose to make everything cuter

70. You'll Rock Your Legs Out in Your Short Social Dress

Just see how there is a short social dress for every occasion of life? Sure there is a template in your collection ready to be used for the next special event on your calendar.

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