Wedding Cake: Tips and Beautiful Inspirations to Help You Choose

When one thinks of the magical universe of marriage, where many dreams come to life, one soon comes to mind the iconic wedding cake that, in addition to sweetening the party, is also part of the decoration and serves as a backdrop for the bride and groom toast. for that photo with the bridesmaids and godparents, which will be revisited many times later.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of wedding cake options, with a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, styles and flavors, which makes choosing the ideal cake a daunting task. Do not despair, because to help you achieve it in the best way possible and to live this moment with the tranquility and the pleasure it deserves, we have prepared some very delicious tips, I say, precious to you.

5 Most Traditional Wedding Cake Formats

In this gastronomic universe with countless options, where the wedding cake can be round, square, built on several floors, in several layers, with American paste, with whipped cream, naked, among many others, we have selected some of the most traditional formats requested in weddings.

1. Cake two floors

They are usually smaller cakes and therefore quite popular for the celebration of the civil marriage when it is held on a different date than the wedding ceremony.

2. Square Cake

The square cake can have one, two or more floors and can convey an idea of ​​modernity due to its lines and angles. When done on multiple floors, there is nothing to prevent each floor from gaining its own decor.

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3. Red and White Cake

It is recommended that the shade of red, the color of passion, be chosen taking into account the other colors of your wedding decoration palette.

4. Cake with whipped cream

Can be decorated in various ways, the cake with whipped cream is a delicate and delicious option.

5. Naked Cake

The naked cake combines very well with the rusticity of weddings performed in the countryside or on the beach and is a sure option for those seeking to convey the idea of ​​simplicity. There are several ways to decorate it, but the main ones are with flowers, giving a romantic touch to the ceremony, and with fruits, which bring an air of freshness and tropicality.

Two story, square, with whipped cream, naked, red and white? Each one is so beautiful and so inspiring that you even want to choose one of each, right?

What to consider when choosing the cake?

To choose the perfect cake for your moment, it is important that you consider some aspects of the wedding: what is the style of the bride and groom, what will be the number of guests, where and when will be held, what it will be served and if there will be candy table; as well as what is the budget for making the cake.

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With this information in hand, it will be easier to define the size and some essential aspects of the cake. However, chef Bruna Vendrametto, an expert in haute cuisine, points out that "the main thing is that the cake has the face of the couple."

How to choose cake filling?

The tip for choosing the right cake filling (and the dough itself) is that you enjoy a variety of flavors, from the cake options you want, and assertively choose the flavor that suits you and the groom.

The most beloved fillings

Among the sea of ​​flavors we have at our disposal, indecision is easy to beat, isn't it ?! Choices for soft flavors are the main choice, but the beloved flavors of brigadeiro and kissinho, combined with fruits, for example, are also very successful.

Chef Bruna Vendrametto tells us that the most requested flavors are the classic white pasta, with the following fillings:

Walnut Filling: It is a very versatile option, as it can be combined with several other fillings, such as brigadeiro, for example.

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Girl Drool Filling: More filling filling is a light option for daytime weddings.

Pineapple Filling:It is usually a very wet and cold filling.

Plum Filling: combined with dulce de leche or kissy, it is a delight.

If you are in doubt between flavors, you can choose to have a cake table at the party, where the couple can choose a flavor for each cake.

The chef also explains that the calculation of the amount of cake is approximately 100 grams per guest, which is equivalent to about one slice of cake.

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More wedding cakes to inspire you

This field of wedding cakes is so vast, so full of ideas and creativity, we've brought you some more cake options to help you get inspired by your choice.

A two-story white cake has no mistake

Look at this cake that transmits delicacy and freshness

And this one full of glamor and style

Flowers are a great choice for decorating your cake.

This is for the romantic grooms

And this one for those who love tiffany blue

How much delicacy fits in a cake?

The double-decker cake is ideal for lush weddings

What about this cake decorated with flowers?

How about Ruffled Cake?

What would you write on your Chalkboard Cake?

Finally, a passionate naked cake

And have many other cake options for you: with edible lace and / or pearls, french (croquembouche), dripp cake, geometric, marbled and so on? When in doubt, we reinforce, you can make a table with several cakes.

Anyway, have you seen just how much cool tip and how cool there are cake options to inspire you and choose the one that best fits your style, your fiancé and your wedding? Enjoy yourself?

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