Where should you get your next tattoo? Take the test and find out

They adorn the skin and demonstrate many of our tastes and personality. They can be large or very discreet, bringing the most varied styles, colors and designs. Yes, today's talk is about tattoos!

Do you already have a tattoo to call yours? or are you planning the first adventures with the needles? Be aware that as important as the phrase or image you are tattooing, the location you choose also makes a big difference.

Since tattooing is something that lasts forever, except when removed with special laser procedures, it is essential that you be safe about the body part that will be marked. Some are fully apparent, others may be hidden by clothing or hair. Also, there are areas of the body that are most painful to get tattooed.

We have prepared a special test that will help you. Think carefully and answer these questions truthfully. The result will indicate which body part may be a good choice the next time you go to a tattoo parlor.

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Don't forget to share the result and comment if it matches your style!

5 Tips Before You Get Your Tattoo (March 2020)

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