8 Things A Pregnant Woman Can Do

Pregnancy is a magical phase in a woman's life. But because it is a time that inspires care, does it often generate many doubts? of the simplest, for example, "pregnant can dye her hair"; even the most complex, such as "at what stage of pregnancy can pregnant women travel by plane".

It is noteworthy, however, that although the period requires care, it is possible for the pregnant woman to maintain a routine without many restrictions. Below, for example, is a list of eight things a pregnant woman can do. Check out:

1. Make waxing

Most women don't live without hair removal, do they? And the good news is that pregnant women can continue to shave during pregnancy? This is traditionally waxed, as its composition poses no risk to the baby.

But, it is worth mentioning, it is normal for women to feel greater discomfort when shaving, especially in the groin area. "The chance of getting ingrown hairs is much higher (as the skin gets thicker), and the pain is also much greater at this stage due to increased local sensitivity," explains Alessandra Bedin, gynecologist at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

Laser hair removal should be avoided at this stage. Therefore, is it best to continue using the wax method? It should be warm, not hot.

2. Exercise

It is a mistake to think that a pregnant woman should be "resting" all the time, avoiding movement. Of course, rest is necessary in cases of risky pregnancy or even if these are the medical guidelines (since each pregnant woman has their particularities).

However, in general, in a pregnancy that goes well, the woman can and should exercise, as highlighted by gynecologist Alessandra Bedin. "It is only necessary to avoid excessive cardiovascular overload and exercises at risk of trauma or joint impact," he explains.

Therefore, although physical activities are highly recommended during pregnancy, it is very important for women to talk to their doctor about the type of exercise they want / should practice.

3. Have sex

Many people believe that a woman who is pregnant cannot / should have sex. Alessandra Bedin explains, however, that if pregnancy is low risk, sex is normal. "Just maybe a little more sensitive," he says.

Keila Oliveira, psychologist, sexologist and sex therapist, adds that sex during pregnancy makes the couple closer, is good for health and that is why it is so recommended.

According to sex therapist Keila, some women even report feeling more willingness and pleasure during pregnancy.

4. Sleep on your stomach

Alessandra Bedin points out that a pregnant woman can sleep on her stomach as long as her belly or spine doesn't bother her.

This is because there are no contraindications to sleeping on your stomach. If the pregnant woman feels comfortable, that's fine! The only problem is that from the fourth month of gestation on, the abdominal volume increases greatly and the tendency is for the position to become somewhat uncomfortable.

From there, the ideal is for the woman to adopt the left lateral position, with the left leg straight and the right bent to sleep.

For added comfort, a tip is to use a small pillow between your legs and a large pillow to support your belly. This way, it takes the weight off the belly, improves blood circulation, keeps the spine aligned and prevents muscle pain.

5. Enter the sea and the pool

The beach is open for future moms. The sea bath helps to relax and promotes a feeling of well-being. Alessandra Bedin points out, however, that they only need to be careful with balance and strong waves. They should avoid the impact of water on the belly and prefer quieter places.

"It is also necessary to protect yourself from the sun," says the doctor.

Another recommendation for pregnant women who go to the beach and / or pool is not to keep wet clothes too long to avoid candidiasis, a very common problem in pregnancy.

There are no contraindications regarding swimming pools. But it is also necessary to protect against the sun in this case. "But water is excellent exercise because it relieves the weight of the belly on the spine," adds gynecologist Alessandra.

6. Travel by plane

Alessandra Bedin explains that pregnant women can travel by plane, as long as they have a low risk pregnancy. "If they are long trips, it is necessary: ​​the use of elastic stockings, abundant hydration and getting up about every hour to improve circulation," he says.

"In cases of slightly higher risk, we often end up using some kind of anticoagulant," adds the doctor.

Also according to the gynecologist, airlines require, between the 20th and 36th weeks, a letter from the doctor authorizing the trip. Before 20 weeks, nothing is required. "After 36 weeks, air travel is only possible if the doctor is with the pregnant woman," says Alessandra Bedin.

7. Dye your hair

Although this is a common concern among pregnant women, Alessandra Bedin explains that pregnant women can use ammonia-free hair dye from 14 weeks.

8. Take anesthesia

In general, pregnant women can take anesthesia for dental treatments. This is because most local anesthetics used by dentists are safe for pregnant women. But of course it is necessary to inform the dentist about pregnancy as soon as possible (if it is not yet apparent).

Can a pregnant woman work until the end of pregnancy?

This is another common doubt. Most women wonder how pregnant they can continue to work normally.

Alessandra Bedin explains that if the pregnant woman has a job that requires little physical effort, she can probably work until the last day of pregnancy. "The issue is discomfort from commuting to work, and back pain mainly," he says.

Thus, it is not possible to generalize. Should each pregnant woman observe her needs, difficulties and talk to her gynecologist? so that together they can evaluate how much time of pregnancy is best indicated to continue working.

What a pregnant can't do

Below is a list of things that pregnant women cannot or should not do:

1. Laser hair removal. Gynecologist Alessandra Bedin explains that the chance of spotting is much higher at this stage. Ideally, wait six months after delivery to continue or begin laser hair removal treatment. During pregnancy, it is best to continue using the wax method.

2. Take too much alcohol. Alessandra Bedin points out that small amounts (a toast, for example) are not prohibited. But there is no safe number of doses. So it is best to avoid without neurosis. Natural fruit juices and non-alcoholic drinks are good alternatives for this phase.

3. Eat raw food. It is good to avoid eating raw or dubious things. The pregnant woman should give preference to foods prepared at home, with the utmost hygiene, and / or in places of complete trust. For women who are very fond of Japanese cuisine, an alternative is to vary slightly, getting to know the cuisine of other places better.

4. Drink too much coffee. Pregnancy does not prevent the woman from enjoying a good cup of coffee, but provided without exaggeration. Does moderate caffeine consumption pose no risk to the baby, but in high quantities? over 300mg a day? may cause complications. If you like coffee a lot, choose a time of day to have it (for example, after lunch) and at other times opt for a natural juice, for example, or even a glass of water.

5. Exaggerate the consumption of sweets and pasta. Gynecologist Alessandra Bedin points out that it is time to choose the food well, without exaggerating the quantity and, yes, abusing the quality. There should be no shortage of legumes, cereals, vegetables, fruits, among other food groups in the diet of pregnant women. And so a very important tip is also to have the support of a nutritionist at this stage.

6. Visit a sick friend. If the problem is contagious or the person is hospitalized, it is not recommended that the pregnant woman visit. It is best to call or email your friend for improvements and explain the situation.

Finally, gynecologist Alessandra Bedin points out that the pregnant woman should not stop doing her prenatal care and answer all her questions with her doctor or the attending physician. "Depending on the case, practically everything is allowed, provided in moderation," he concludes.

These are just a few examples of what a pregnant woman can or cannot do. It is noteworthy that each pregnancy has its particularities and, therefore, it is essential to always be in contact with your doctor to clarify any kind of doubt.

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