Yellow nails: understand what it can be and know how to treat

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How do you like to keep your nails: Do you paint often or prefer to leave your nail polish off? Well, whatever your preference, the important thing is to keep them healthy, isn't it? By the way, when it comes to health, there is one factor that, when it happens, can be accompanied by many doubts: yellowish nails.

But, after all, what makes the nail look that shade? If you have already experienced this situation, it is normal that some questions arise about what causes yellowing of the nails and, of course, how the most appropriate treatment should be performed for each situation. To stay on top of this, check out the following information:

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  • Home treatments for yellowish nails: is it safe?

Dermatologists answer questions about yellowish nails

In case you have any nail changes, it is very important to have an evaluation from a dermatologist. To learn more details, we talked to Karen Fernandes da Cunha (CRM: 52919349) and Karina Fernandes (CRM: 52945870), SBD dermatologists and doctors at the KF Dermatology Clinic.

Can yellow nails be a sign of disease?

Did you notice that your nails are a different shade? Then it is time to have an appointment with a medical professional, because the yellowish tone can indeed signal some disease. According to Dr. Karen Fernandes da Cunha, "Is it important to be aware of nail color?" that are sometimes able to indicate how healthy your body is?

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What are the main causes?

"We can mention the prolonged use of nail polish, oral medications, cigarettes, nail infections and chronic respiratory tract disorders," comments the dermatologist.

What can yellowish nails mean during pregnancy?

It is important to highlight that yellowish nails are not physiological manifestations of pregnancy, as explained by Dr. Karina Fernandes. During this period, we can observe nail fragility (brittle nails) and transverse grooves. If changes in nail color occur during pregnancy, see your dermatologist ?, comments.

Can yellow nails be a sign of anemia?

Iron deficiency anemia, which is the most common in the population, can alter the shape of the nails. In this case, it manifests itself as? Nail in spoon? (koilonymy). Changes in nail color can happen, but are not so frequent ?, says Dr. Karina Fernandes.

Can yellow nails be a sign of ringworm?

√úThat really can happen. Are some fungi capable of causing a yellowish color in the nails ?, says the dermatologist.

What to do when my nails turn yellow?

The doctors at the KF Dermatology Clinic highlight the importance of seeking the assistance of a dermatologist for a thorough evaluation, which will clarify the cause and provide the appropriate treatment.

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How to treat yellowish nails?

Dermatologists also remember that the treatment will depend on the cause and emphasize that sometimes additional tests will be necessary. Therefore the importance of having a medical follow-up, as each case needs to be evaluated according to its specificities.

As you can see, yellowish-colored nails may in some cases indicate some disease. That's why you need to be aware that nail care is not just about beauty or vanity, but also about your health.

Home treatments for yellowish nails: is it safe?

Remember that the change in nail color is not always a sign of health problems. Those who are in the habit of applying more pigmented nail polish (such as red or black, for example) run the risk of a yellow nail, especially if they do not use a base coat to protect it. This coloring may also arise in other situations, such as applying hair dye without the use of gloves.

For these situations, some people resort to homemade tips that promise to soften and even eliminate yellowish nails. But can a treatment with ingredients we have at home really be effective?

Well, be careful. Depending on the recipe, especially when using an abrasive product, it is possible to weaken the nails. There are also mixtures with certain ingredients that cause allergies and, in more severe cases, skin burns.

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A very affordable tip is to use coconut soap.Gently brush your nails with a brush and then rinse with water. If the yellowish tone persists, you should consult your dermatologist, who will indicate the optimal treatment. Your specialist may even prescribe specific medications for you to safely use at home.

Who loves to beautify nails? or simply acknowledge that taking care of them is also synonymous with health? all these tips should be taken into consideration. After all, yellowing can be caused by several situations. Knowing the root of this problem, reversing it will be a much easier task.

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