Tips to get rid of cockroaches

At cockroaches They are a common plague in cities. In the hottest times of the year, their appearance is almost inevitable. Therefore, care must be taken to prevent these pests from overwhelming your home.

How to prevent cockroach infestation

One of the most important actions that must be taken to prevent cockroaches from being attracted to your home is to keep everything tightly closed. Food in jars or plastic bags should be completely sealed, bags and jars with trash as well. Wash the household garbage every two weeks or as needed.

It is also essential to always keep everything clean. Food scraps, food that is in good condition and also in decay is very attractive to cockroaches and should never be scattered around the kitchen or home. After meals, remove all remaining food from the dishes and pans to be washed and store the food to be consumed later in jars in the refrigerator.

Always check around and under the stove after cooking and near the refrigerator to make sure there are no pieces of food or any liquid that can attract the cockroaches in floor. Also clean the sewer and grease box every 15 days and the kitchen, bathroom and utility area drains weekly.

Search for possible places where cockroaches can come in and lay eggs, such as cardboard boxes, cracks, and cabinet corners. If possible, seal these locations with silicone and keep the drains always closed to make cockroaches appear.

How to fight cockroaches

If even with all the care taken cockroaches keep infesting your houseYou will need to take other steps to eliminate these pests. One option is to trap insecticides in places prone to cockroaches. At cockroach lures They come in gel and also in a container with the gel bait inside that should be placed in corners, cabinets, under the stove and other places where they can go.

If insecticides do not solve your problem and cockroaches continue to roam around your home and your belongings, you should make sure they are not coming from your building, your neighbor's house, or the street sewer. If these are responsible for the infestation, it may be necessary to hire a detestation service.


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