10 Tips for Keeping New Year's Promises

Many of us spend the first day of January making resolutions the other 364 days of the year trying to keep them. But in fact, according to research from the University of Scranton, only 8% of people reach them successfully.

So here are the top 10 tips for making resolutions and most importantly, keep them:

  1. Set short term goals for long term results.
    People who break their resolutions into small manageable pieces are usually more successful.
  2. Make your resolve be about the path, not the final destination.
    There is a better guarantee of success if you make resolutions that you really have control over. Want to lose 15 pounds? Getting into a healthy routine is more important than the number on the scale. These are things you have control over and will help you reach your ultimate weight loss goal.
  3. Set aside time for your resolution.
    We're all so busy, it's hard to find time to do the things we want to do, let alone the resolutions that challenge us. Then schedule gym sessions on your calendar just as you would with a meeting, for example.
  4. Call a friend to join.
    Everything is better with a friend, including New Year's resolutions. Want to start saving money on purchases? Challenge a friend and see who saved the highest percentage.
  5. State your goals.
    People who expressly state their goals are more likely to stick to them. And with social networks at your fingertips, you can tell a lot of acquaintances.
  6. Keep records.
    Monitoring your progress is a good way to remain responsible for maintaining resolution.
  7. Have apps for every goal.
    Is there an app that can help every resolution? from weight loss to cost control.
  8. Celebrate small victories.
    You deserve! Think of a way you can pamper yourself, such as a long, relaxing bath each week as you reach the goal of your resolution.
  9. Reassess your resolutions.
    If something is not working then it is okay to go back and modify your goal. Resolutions are for you to become a better version of yourself, not a perfect version of yourself.
  10. Don't give up so easily.
    We often use small slips as an excuse to give up big goals. Forgive yourself, move on and keep trying.

How to Keep Your New Year's Promises (April 2024)

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