12 amazing apps to monitor pregnancy

Pregnant woman's life is not always easy. Is it a time of doubt, body changes, and a lot of preparations to receive a new person in the family? all this over 40 weeks! However, technology is there to help in this race against time. Do you already use any application to monitor pregnancy?

There are apps to track pregnancy and baby development, to ask expert questions, to meet new mothers, and even to monitor contractions. Check out a list of the 12 coolest apps right now and download your favorites.

1. Pregnancy Sprout

Known worldwide, Sprout allows moms to keep a close eye on the progress of pregnancy. All app guidelines have been written by doctors in partnership with pregnant women. It is possible to customize everything according to the baby's name, gender and expected date of delivery. There is a premium (paid) version with kick counter, weight control and contraction timer. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free and offers in-app purchases).

2. Hello Mommy

Among so many doubts and anxieties common in pregnancy, here is an application full of lightness and good humor. Hello Mom sends daily messages as if written by the baby himself. There are declarations of love, messages about development, and even cute phrases, like? Am I hungry? and "I'm not a manga, how boring." Messages can also be shared. A grace. Available on the App Store (free).

3. My Pregnancy and My Baby Today

The application is among the most downloaded in Brazil and it is no accident. The site guides pregnant women week by week throughout their pregnancy, providing videos, tips and information on fetal development. The tips relate to the timing of your pregnancy, from exercise guidelines to recipe ideas. It is a very complete app and all in Portuguese. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free).

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4. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

A very cute guide for future moms and future dads. Hello Belly provides simple tips on what happens every week of pregnancy. But they are nothing technical or complicated terms. The suggestions are all practical, like eat fruit. and 'date a little'. It is in English. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free and offers in-app purchases).

5. My Prenatal

Developed by the Faculty of Medicine? UFMG, the app brings reliable information for moms to take care of before and after delivery. In addition to this piece of content, you can make an album with photos of the evolution of pregnancy and see tips in the form of video. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free).

6. Pregnancy Kangaroo

The difference between Kangaroo and other maternity applications is that it allows the user to connect with other pregnant women, forming a community of pregnant women. It also has the ability to send specific questions from day to day, which are answered by health professionals. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free).

7. WeMoms? Pregnancy and Baby

Do you know who understands the wishes and questions of a mother? Another mom! That's the idea of ​​WeMoms: to provide an exchange of advice among women around the world. Some of the themes found there are suitcase for maternity, labor, early months, breastfeeding, solo mothers and strollers. The app's rule is that no judgments or criticism is allowed, just help and sharing experiences. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free).

8. Peanut

Don't you know many moms? Miss someone to exchange ideas about diaper marks, sleep routine, and even stretch mark creams? Behold, there is now the 'Tinder of Maternity'. Peanut connects moms with moms. You can chat, create chat groups, and join forums. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free).

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9. CineMama

Do you know those beautiful pictures that accompany belly growth, month by month? Making these clicks may be simpler than you think. The CineMama app allows you to make photos and various montages. In addition, it provides on-screen instructions on where the pregnancy should be positioned so that all photos look the same. You can make daily or monthly records. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free).

10. Contraction Timer

The contractions began. Is it time to run to the hospital, turn on the family and call the doula in tears? Take a deep breath and count on the help of this app.It is perfect for counting contractions, with their durations and intervals, and for indicating the right time to contact the obstetrician and follow through on your birth plan. Available on Google Play (free).

11. Positive Pregnancy

Positive thoughts are important to mom's well-being. And that is the proposal of Positive Pregnancy. The app offers guided meditations made especially for pregnant women. It can be used at any stage of pregnancy and helps maintain a healthy mind, increase energy and even relieve physical discomfort. Available on the App Store and Google Play (paid).

12. The Mammys Layette List

Which cart to buy? How many shoes does a baby need? What is essential and what is exaggeration? These and many other questions are answered in this app, which allows you to create trousseau lists according to the style and preferences of each family. The app also has some partner stores and offers discount coupons. Available on the App Store and Google Play (free and offers in-app purchases).

Have you used any of these apps or know another one not on the list? Post in the comments and help other moms stay informed!

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