6 Things You Shouldn't Do on the First Date

Get one first date until it is not such a difficult task. Really complicated is leaving the first date with the certainty that he will call the next day and make the next appointment. So that you don't scare the cat at first impression, here are attitudes that you should avoid on the first date (and probably the following as well) if you want to have other dates with the same guy.

1 ? Do not abuse the look not to be vulgar

No ultra fancy make-up or short, low-cut dresses. Choose where you will dare. If the makeup is very sexy and flashy, neutralize the look with more sober clothes. If the clothes have a touch of sensuality, bet on a more natural make. This is the balance that gives harmony to a sexy look, but without being vulgar.

2 ? Don't just talk about yourself during the meeting

Talking about yourself all the time and showing no interest in the boy's affairs or even worse giving him no chance to open his mouth to talk about himself is very inelegant and can scare the cat on the first date.

Try to demonstrate that you are really in the mood to know a little about him, ask questions and talk about yourself. Try to keep your balance in the conversation by varying between you and him, and also avoid talking about the same subject all the time.

3? Avoid talking about your frustrations in relationships

By no means spend your first date whining and complaining about your past frustrations, failed dating, how many times you have been cheated on and playing the victim. This kind of behavior is a men repellent and if he notices it you will run away. So no drama or low self-esteem. Bad things happen to everyone, you don't have to point that out on the very day of the first encounter with the cat you want so badly.

4? Don't question the boy's finances

Is there anything more inelegant than investigating an applicant's financial situation? Avoid asking yourself how much he earns, what car he has, what house he lives in, and the like. It may just be his natural curiosity, but he may see it as an interest (in money) and fall away.

5? Don't lie to stand out

Another thing that may seem very tempting is to lie, or say, to alter the truth a little at the time of the first date. These lies in trying to look like you're more interesting than you think you are can be innocent changes in what you say about yourself, such as saying you've done something you never really did.

Sincerity is highly prized by men, and sooner or later it may find that you have lied and disappear from your life.

6? Don't be rough with others

Being rude to those who serve you in places or to a person on the street can scare the boy and make a bad first impression. Avoid being harsh with other people and promote friendliness. Even if someone does something that bothers you, don't swear or be rude.

Follow the tips and ensure a mistake-free first date that may prevent you from having a second date with the cat.

6 Things To Know Before Going On A First Date! (April 2021)

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