Aesthetic acupuncture

THE acupuncture It has ceased to be seen merely as a technique for treating disease and relieving pain, has invaded aesthetic clinics and has shown good results in beauty procedures. And the aesthetic acupunctureAn effective, practically painless yet free alternative to the side effects of conventional aesthetic treatments, which usually cause redness, peeling of the skin, require healing care and prevent sun exposure.

O aesthetic acupuncture treatment It is indicated to improve cases of acne, wrinkles, dark circles, sagging, cellulite, localized fat, blemishes and scars. The procedure is done in the same way as traditional acupuncture sessions. Energy points in the body that are not in harmony are stimulated with needles or laser. The laser also helps in rebuilding damaged tissues.

In addition to not needing a recovery time, the difference between aesthetic acupuncture and the other beauty treatments is that she considers the patient as a whole, as aesthetic problems are usually linked to some imbalance in the internal organs.

Cellulite, for example, may indicate problems with liver energy and wrinkles may be a sign of disharmony in the muscles of the face. Energy treatment has internal benefits and thus apparent results.

Check out the video below to learn more about how is acupuncture done and its results.

Is Facial Acupuncture a Botox Alternative? We Found Out! | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad (May 2021)

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