Anxiety is one of the factors that can trigger obesity.

Such as anxiety It is a biological characteristic, every human being is subject to feeling and ends up experiencing moments of fear, danger or tension. The symptom comes marked by unpleasant body sensations, such as a feeling of emptiness in the stomach, racing heart, sweating, among others.

In a busy life, the rush, the pressure and the stress add up and anxiety becomes commonplace in our lives. Depending on the degree or frequency of it, it can become a pathological disease and cause many later problems. The relationship between this symptom and fear is very close, so that the individual is afraid of facing different situations in their life, avoiding at least trying to change.

When we feel anxious, we get restless, interfering with certain everyday behaviors, such as eating. When this occurs, some people develop the overfeeding as a way to soften some unpleasant feelings, most of the time, unconsciously.

It ends up triggering behaviors as a way to compensate for situations such as stress, tiredness, loneliness, anxiety, sadness, anger, eating, and may generate a picture of overweight / obesity. overeating committed.

In this process, the patient becomes the author of his weight loss, because he will learn to understand his history with obesity, balance his emotions, change behaviors, raising his self-esteem, aiming to develop an appropriate relationship with food and, consequently, with his body and his body. Cheers.

When we develop lean eating behavior, we acquire various instruments aimed at acquiring proper eating behavior and a balanced emotional state. Each one must be the author of their weight loss process, which makes them responsible and not passive subjects in this process that is so complex that obesity. It is important to learn how to develop a proper relationship with food and its weight.

Thus, psychology plays an important ally to work on obesity, complementing the work of other health professionals. The work focused on obesity effectively contributes so that people lose weight, can stay thin, learning to deal as a concertina effect.

Obesity - Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton (April 2021)

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