Baby's first steps

Every learning of the baby is a celebration for parents and the whole family: first smile, first words, first baby food. And with the first steps It could not be different. Every mother is anxious to see the little one stop crawling and start walking alone, but needs to understand that each child has its own time to mature.

Generally, children start walking between 10 and 11 months with the help of their parents and by 12 and 18 months, they can do it alone. However, it is no use comparing your baby to another of the same age or a younger one who risked walking earlier. Just in time, your little one will make his debut.

If your child takes more than 18 months to walk, it may be a warning sign to see your pediatrician for reasons and if there are any motor difficulties.

This important milestone in the development of the baby needs guidance, care and a lot of support from parents. And since independence is not always very easy to achieve, often falls are inevitable.

This is why adults should make this discovery of baby's first steps in a fun and pleasurable moment.

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s First Steps (April 2021)

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