Clean makeup

Colorful makeup, with color mixes, strong tones and the most loaded versions, with a lot of black and smoky eyes. To look beautiful, women invest in countless makeup combinations.

But once in a while, it's good to vary. A great option, even for the least daring, is to invest in a makeup with discreet and soft tones.

THE clean makeup Gives a healthy look and without much exaggeration to the female face. Besides being very practical to do, it can be used both day to day and at night and any occasion.

A tip for preparing a clean makeup It is opt for soft shades of brown, nude, pink and peach. Prefer opaque daytime shadows and translucent and illuminating shadows for use at night.

How to make a clean makeup

For make makeup cleanYou first need to whip your skin and even it out with base, powder and concealer on your skin tones.

The eyes should not be too heavy so apply a soft shade of opaque or translucent effect. Then pass the brown pencil close to the eyelashes and at the top of the eyes and to finish, the eyelash mask.

On cheekbones, apply blush lightly, just for a healthy touch. Depending on your skin tone, choose shades that are close to burnt pink or peach. On the lips use pink lipstick with shades of mouth or nude.

A tip to give a more beautiful effect to the clean makeup, is to use a little illuminator on the cheekbone and just below the eyebrows.

Full Face of “CLEAN MAKEUP” Try-on & Wear Test (April 2021)

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