Corded hair removal

THE corded hair removal It is an ancient technique widely used by Asians and Egyptians, and more recently by Europeans and Americans. Here in Brazil, where it is also called chinese hair removal or egyptian waxing, began to be offered by salons a few years ago, but is still unknown by most women.

This is a very simple method, which pulls the hair out from the root by manipulating interwoven thread yarns. The main differential of this type of hair removal is the possibility of eliminating even the finest hair, such as those usually present in parts of the face.

The hair removal process has better results in places such as eyebrows, fluff, chin, forehead and cheeks. The technique can also be applied to other body regions such as groin and armpits.

Unlike traditional hair removal methods where you need to let your hair grow long, corded hair removal better removes short hair.

THE hair removal It can be done by anyone and is especially suitable for those who have problems with ingrown hairs and allergies to wax or depilatory creams. It is also great for those who are applying acid treatment to their skin, as it does not use any chemicals.

In addition to being very efficient at removing hair, another advantage of the corded method is that it exfoliates at the same time, since the friction of the line with the skin eliminates dead cells accumulated on the surface.

Depending on the sensitivity of the person's skin, the shaved spot may show a bit of redness, which tends to disappear within hours. The result of hair removal lasts about a month.

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