Denim trend: wear and abuse your jeans

Jeans are a basic piece in any wardrobe. But this winter, he won't just be in his pants. The denim trend is there, bringing parts with several washes that give special effects ranging from dirty, ecological dyeing and mechanical effects.

The inspiration for winter denim fashion comes from the 80's and 90's, mainly from the rocker, hippie and grunge movements. The tip for the season, therefore, is to bet on vintage-looking jeans. Invest in pants in skinny, boyfriend, jegging with different washes and denim shirts, which are super high and promise to succeed in casual looks.

The possibilities of denim washing are diverse, meet some of them that promise to be successful this winter.

Dirty washed: His style is "dirty", with a vintage effect that gives the impression of older, worn jeans.

It usually has burnt shades ranging from grayish to earthy tones. Dirty washed jeans are one of the strongest and most important bets for winter.

Distressed denim: The style of distressed jeans has a torn, worn look.

Shoulder or dip dye: The main feature of washing ombré jeans is to give the fabric a degradé effect.

Acid washed: With a very strong wash, acid washed jeans have uniform stains that result in a marbled final look.

Bleached: Washing bleached jeans leaves the fabric a very light blue tone that can only be achieved with the help of chemicals and stone washes.

Paint Effects: Its effect simulates ink splashes that are localized by a particular pigment. Because of its distinctive style, jeans paint effects promises to be one of the favorite washes among women this season.

Leather denim: Its resined effect and opaque luster mimics leather. Leather denim jeans are indispensable for seasons like fall and winter.


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