Does sweating lose weight?

A lot of people believe that the bigger the perspirationThe greater is the burning of fat while exercising. It turns out not quite, sweating doesn't lose weight.

O sweat It is the natural secretion of sweat glands that are spread throughout our body and is made up of 99% water and 1% mineral salts. Our body perspires to keep the body's internal temperature stable and when we sweat we lose only water and minerals. When the internal body temperature exceeds 37 ° C, sweat acts as a cooling mechanism.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that it is essential not to block this process by wearing heavy clothing, it is recommended to always wear light clothing when engaging in any more intense physical activity. sweat You can leave at ease.

Otherwise, the body may experience fatigue when perspiration is excessive and the process does not occur properly, which can lead to dehydration, pressure drop and even fainting.

If you climb on the balance after a series of exercises or a sauna, for example, you may even notice a reduction in body weight and have that feeling of being thinner, but after drinking the first glass of water the lost fluid is replaced and the weight returns to normal.

It is also important to stress that sweat does not detox the organism. This is because the main substance eliminated is water, not toxins. The organs responsible for the disposal of toxic substances are the kidneys.

To avoid dehydration, drink water before, during and after your workout. Thus, the body throws the heat out by sweat and the replacement of the lost fluid occurs. During exercise, water should be drunk periodically and in small doses so as not to weigh on the stomach.

In addition to water, you can replace lost fluids through isotonic drinks, which hydrate your body faster than water.

However, they should preferably be used when physical activity lasts longer than one hour and at a fast pace at high intensity. Diabetic, hypertensive, and fluid-retaining people should consult a physician before ingesting these beverages. Another option is to drink coconut water, which replaces the mineral salts lost during perspiration.

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