Summer food

To enjoy the hottest season of the year in a healthy way, keep an eye on food. O summer menu should include, in addition to a balanced diet, the consumption of plenty of fluid during the day.

On hot days our body needs to replace the lost fluid. Therefore, it is recommended to consume eight to ten glasses of water a day. Water consumption is essential to return the body to fluids and minerals. Coconut water, isotonic drinks and natural juices are also important, especially for people who play sports.

Vegetables, fruits and vegetables are very healthy, light, fresh, low-calorie foods that go well with feeding for summer. They can make very nutritious menus at any meal of the day, as they are water-rich foods and great sources of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Feel free to eat green leaves and vegetables, but watch out for salad dressing. At diet for summer, mayonnaise and ready-made sauces can be substituted for olive oil, lemon, vinegar and sauces made with mustard and yogurt.

Prefer lean meats and white meats, such as fish and chicken, which are easier to digest. Whole grains and grains are also good options for summer feeding.

Avoid the high-calorie, high-fat, high-fat foods and fried foods that slow down the digestion process, giving you daytime sleepiness and indisposition.

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