Eliminate Mistakes That End Makeup

Makeup has the gift of making us even more beautiful, after all, she who has the? Power? to disguise those blemishes, pimples and other unnecessary imperfections that insist on appearing.

With the help of some makeup products, we can give our face that healthy look by putting our self-esteem in the sky; But there are some errors that make our ally a mortal enemy.

Choosing the wrong shades or overdoing your makeup dose is usually the most common mistake.

What should I do not to make mistakes when doing makeup?

Below is an indispensable reading list, so pay close attention and follow the tips for not ugly out there:

Liquid Paper: Try not to abuse the product. Sometimes, the hype ends up accentuating the details you would like to hide. Always remember: Less is more! It should be applied with light touches without rubbing. Lightly tap the skin, gradually reducing the amount of the product. The shade of pink concealer is considered the best option, because the beige or yellow ends up highlighting imperfections, such as dark circles.

Base: Before you buy, take a test to choose the right base tone for your skin. Pass on the wrist, spreading carefully.

Face powder: When used in excess, ends up showing signs of expression, aging the face. Powder is just a complement to the base, so don't overdo it!

Blush: Responsible for giving us a healthy look, is essential in makeup. But be careful not to overdo it. To make the product look natural on your face, apply it after the foundation and before dusting. If it becomes too strong, remove some product with a clean brush.

Eyebrow shadow: To correct the flaws, use a beveled brush and a shade a little lighter than your eyebrow and cover the flaws with light strokes accompanying your drawing.

Shadow: When applying eyeshadow, try not to mix too many colors. Colorful makeup is on the rise, but try not to abuse the contrasts.

Eyeliner: To use the eyeliner without smudging or shaking, a tip is to rest your hand on the chin bone to make the stroke.

Mouth: Make a thin and delicate outline so that it is not evident after you apply the lipstick.

Now that you know the indispensable tips for perfect makeup, try it and rock it!

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