Foods that are good for the skin

Contrary to popular belief, the famous and traditional phrase? Are you what you eat? It's the truth. This is because the health of your body and skin depends fundamentally on the foods you eat daily.

Therefore, you need to redouble your attention and care and make sure you are really taking care of yourself. Le Baragosse brought some options for foods that are good for the skin. Check out.

The proteins called collagen and elastin are responsible for supporting the skin. For this, the consumption of foods rich in vitamins A, C, copper and calcium is essential. Red fruits, for example, are great options for you to include in your menu, as they are rich in vitamins C.

According to dermatologist Ligia Kogos, green leaves contain natural anticancer drugs. "Cabbage, broccoli, arugula, spinach and almeirão, for example, favor lush and normalization of the skin, regularization of irritations and dermatitis", comments.

Iron-rich foods, in addition to preventing anemia, make your hair and nails stronger. "Beans, lentils, red meats, such as the liver, should be eaten in combination with fruits rich in vitamin C, such as orange, lemon, acerola and cashew," explains the dermatologist.

For those who have many pimples, the nutritionist also suggests the consumption of papaya, carrots, peppers, squash, as they are ideal to regulate chronic irritations. "For those with very rough skin, blackheads and acne tendencies, vitamins A are recommended," comments Ligia.

In addition to offering an even more special touch to the dish, extra virgin olive oils have antioxidant power. "Olive oil decreases skin dryness, improves healing and aids inflammation," says Ligia.

In summer, eating tomatoes and watermelon helps in preventing tan. "Carrots also maintain skin tan, as well as having vitamin A and E," says the dermatologist.

Fruits with vitamins C, such as orange, lemon, mandarin and acerola, enhance the immunity of the human body. "Those who consume these foods are less vulnerable to bruising and bruising," comments Ligia.

Unwanted stretch marks and cellulite can be prevented with exercise, but the consumption of collagen favors the firmness of the skin. "Collagen is present in mocotó, gelatines and fight the cellulite and sagging body," says Ligia.

It is necessary to avoid

According to Ligia Kogos, it is recommended not to consume certain types of foods to ensure perfect skin. They are: too much salt, alcohol, fried foods and canned foods. "Excessive carbohydrates should also be avoided as they contribute to cellulite, localized fat and sagging," he says.

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