Frames off the wall

Regardless of size, image or frame, the frames give the room more personality. In addition to the traditional way of hanging them on the wall, there are alternative ways to use the frames for decoration.

Like mirrors, large frames give a more airy feel to the environment when resting on tables and sideboards, against the wall, placed on the floor or even resting on benches or chairs. It is a way to innovate space.

The idea of ​​using paintings off the wall is to make the decor even more modern and to escape the traditional, but care must be taken that the place chosen to accommodate the pieces does not look sloppy and disorganized.

Bet on fun pictures like posters of favorite bands and movies or with pictures that match the rest of the decor. Not to leave the environment looking messy, it is recommended to accommodate only a large frame on the floor.

Medium and small pictures can be accommodated on furniture such as shelves, tables, dressers or even books. Depending on the space, you can group them by mixing different sizes and images. This alternative way of using the frames adds a more fun and modern touch to the space.

Remember that the paintings outside the wall draw more attention. Therefore, it is necessary to combine them with the rest of the decoration so that the space is not too loaded.

How To Fill in a Door Opening [Framing] (September 2020)

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