Francesinha on the contrary

There are several ways to do french nail. Satin French, colorful French and half-moon French are already successful in women's nails. But now what has turned trend and is giving what to say is the francesinha on the contrary.

Although very similar to the French half moon, the francesinha on the contrary It stands out for having the closest aspect to the cuticle, following the curvature of the nail without having to circumvent the concave shape. This technique also stands out for using metallic enamels in the dash of francesinha.

Bet on metallic colors like silver and gold for the francesinha and dark matte enamels like black, royal blue and purple for the other part of the nails. The use of well-coated nail polish is essential for a good nail finish.

How to make francesinha in reverse

To make the francesinha on the contrary It takes a lot of patience and firmness in the hands. First you should nail all the color below, such as a golden nail polish. Then apply the desired color on the top, following the curvature of the nail and leaving the trace similar to that of a traditional French.

If you can not give this flawless effect on nails, choose to use chrome fake nails and stickers to mark the dash of the francesinha or even adhesive enamels to make the color above. This facilitates a good part of the technique and helps those who are not so skilled.

French step by step

For questions we have selected a video that teaches step by step how to make francesinha on the contrary. Check out.

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