Vegan makeup

The consumption of environmentally friendly products It ended up in the beauty world some time ago and with that, there were several options of products in the cosmetic sector for those who care about nature and animals. Now it's the turn of vegan makeup, another innovation in the segment.

The entire manufacturing process as well as the components of the green makeup respect nature in many ways. The substances that make up the vegan makeup They are minerals, free of preservatives, additives or any chemicals that may be aggressive to both skin and the environment.

Another feature of ecologically correct makeup is that neither its production nor tests involve animals. And all this, without losing color, much less the effect of conventional makeup.

The choice for green makeup It is more than a politically correct attitude. In addition to the benefit of not harming the environment, it reduces the risk of allergic reactions or irritation on sensitive skin. Others Advantages of Vegan Makeup are that it does not dry the skin and does not cause acne.

High End vs. Drugstore Vegan Makeup | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29 (April 2021)

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