Gentian Violet: Find out what it's for and how to use it

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Gentian violet is one of those cheap compounds, simple and beneficial for health, skin, hair and even for the treatment of some diseases. The gentian violet solution is obtained by extracting a substance from a plant bearing the same name. Although it is well known for its effect on hair, its use goes much further and you will love to find out what violet is for:

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5 Uses of Gentian Violet

Gentian violet has antifungal, antimicotic and also antiseptic action in our body, being also used as a treatment for skin problems and oral health, as explained by the pharmaceutical Letícia Gonçalves (CRF-PR: 31041).

  1. Cold sore treatment: Due to its antibacterial action, it acts on the healing of oral thrush and affections, and can be applied with gauze two to three times a day.
  2. Treatment for candidiasis: According to the pharmacist, gentian violet is a great combatant of the fungus Candida, responsible for causing candidiasis. It can be used as a sitz bath, being diluted in warm water. Leticia recommends that in stronger cases it is necessary to seek medical advice.
  3. Wound Care: This solution, if diluted with water, can aid in the treatment of skin wounds and the prevention of mycosis and inflammation. Sometimes it is also used to treat nipple infections caused by breastfeeding.
  4. Burn Treatment: It is a great agent for relieving skin rashes caused by rashes, says the pharmacist, as well as relieving the redness of the skin caused by rashes.
  5. Hair tinting and dyeing: One of the most common uses of gentian violet is its effect on the tinting of blond hair, being a great option to remove the yellowish aspect of the strands. You can add a few drops and dilute in a mild shampoo or some moisturizing cream. If used in larger quantities, it can also serve as a dye to turn hair purplish.

According to the pharmacist, the use of gentian violet may be an alternative for the treatment of the mentioned situations. Remember that for each type of symptom or disease there are more effective treatments, so you need to consult a doctor before using it for health treatments.

How to use gentian violet on hair

The greatest demand for gentian violet in pharmacies is for its aesthetic use on hair. There are several ways to apply this solution to wires, which will vary depending on the desired effect. Let's look at some options and mode of use:

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How to dye your hair with gentian violet

In this tutorial, Chayene Martins shows you how to color your hair using a white moisturizing cream and a few drops of gentian violet. An interesting tip to avoid drying out of the hair is to leave the product open one day before coloring the hair, so the alcohol will evaporate. To make your hair very purple like in the video, you should let it act for about 40 minutes.

Tinting Hair with Gentian Violet

Learn how to color your hair quickly and easily by dipping it into a solution of gentian violet diluted with water. It is not necessary to leave the hair in the solution for a long time, just dip from lock to lock that the hair immediately absorbs the product and the tinting effect appears.

How to Untie Blonde Hair with Gentian Violet

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See step-by-step how to tint blond strands with gentian violet in Scarlet Manali's test of a well-yellowed applique. In the test, Scarlet shows how the hair absorbs the water-diluted hue, and how the amount of the product influences hair tinting.

How to platinum hair at home with gentian violet

For those who want a cheap and easy-to-make platinum blonde, this walkthrough is perfect for achieving the desired effect. Just dilute a few drops of violet in a little pot with water, and in the bathroom, pour over all the hair, as Nay Firens shows. Then you can wash and dry, leaving no more than 2 to 3 minutes on your hair, so that it does not turn purple.

The amounts and the time of action of the product in the hair vary according to the desired shade. It is indicated that before applying to the whole hair, you do some tests on small strands to check how the color will look. It is also important to keep your hair hydrated after using gentian violet if you want to avoid dryness.

Side Effects of Gentian Violet

According to Leticia, prolonged use or in very concentrated solutions may cause the following side effects:

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  • Ulcers
  • Intense itches
  • Skin dyeing
  • Skin irritations
  • Wire drying

For the use of gentian violet in health cases, the advice of a professional is indispensable before starting to use the product, as there are some side effects and contraindications.

To whom is gentian violet contraindicated?

Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended to use gentian violet, as explained by the pharmacist. It can be used by lactating women in cases of breast infections, but only with medical advice and not exceeding the period and amount of treatment.

People with an ulcer and sensitive skin should avoid using gentian violet, as its side effects can aggravate the condition.

As a cheap and simple to find solution, gentian violet can be a great option for many treatments. For use on hair there are no severe contraindications, it is only necessary to avoid prolonged use of the product.

If you like affordable, practical multi-purpose products, you can add gentian violet to your favorites. It costs from 2 to 5 reais and can easily be found in pharmacies or cosmetics stores. Follow the directions for use to avoid possible damage and use correctly to have the desired effect.

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