How the technique of Feng Shui interferes with home decor

Most, if not all, people say the home is the most warm and welcoming environment in the world. This is because contact with the family, with personal effects and the climate of the residential environment are fundamental to ensure this feeling.

But experts say it is possible to make this family environment even more enjoyable. According to architects, applying the technique of Feng shui Decoration can interfere with the mood of the house.

Therefore, the choice of objects such as beanbags, pillows, chandeliers and picture frames are options that allow the environments to become more cozy and inviting.

Feng Shui is Chinese ancient art of creating harmonious environments at home and at work, by correctly positioning furniture, decoration objects, plants and colors that are ideal for each environment. If it is well applied, do relationships improve ?, comments Feng Shui architect and consultant Sérgio Carillo.

Couple's room

The room where the couple sleeps should be as personalized as possible, because the choice of pampering and objects that both love are fundamental to create a cozy atmosphere. ? Photos of the residents in happy times are perfect in this location ?, comments Carillo.

The way the bed is arranged in the room can also interfere with the end result of the decoration. • Position the bed so that lying down sees who enters the room. For the couple's bedroom, positioning the decoration objects in such a way that the pair always predominates, for example, two paintings, two pillows ?, suggests the architect.

Living room

According to Feng Shui's consultant, it is important to position the sofa so that you always have a view of who enters the room. Avoid positioning them with your back to the entrance. Having a small portable source near the entrance of this environment (inside or out) transforms the energy of the place and attracts positive energy. Avoid photos of deceased people in this environment?


For the architect, having decorative objects that resemble sea is a great option for these environments. "It is also ideal to always keep the door closed, the toilet lid and the drain", he suggests.

Hallway of the house

The consultant also believes that the corridor of houses and apartments is the area that has the largest flow of people, so it should have good lighting. ? Having pictures with flower motifs and light colors on the walls, such as ivory or light yellow, are essential ?, he says.


Regardless of whether the house has an exposed garden or not, plants are widely used when it comes to bringing prosperity and elegance to the environment. The architect explains that there are ideal flowers for indoor and outdoor environments.

For places inside the residence, Carillo suggests the zamiocucas (plant with green foliage). Already in outdoor environments, azaleas, maria shameless and cica. "The peace lily is considered the wild card, and is welcome in all environments," he says.

Although there are techniques that involve Feng Shui, the consultant states that the main thing to have a comfortable environment, you must always value the house and who lives in it first of all. "To have an energy and maintain the harmony, health and prosperity of the place, always put the positive intention and always value your home, because that's where we return our energy," he recommends.

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